Flight of the Yoginis

Wednesday. June 15th, 2011

Nantucket, MA.

Dear Tribe,

My apologies for the long absence and lack of useful information. I still have high-hopes for adding onto the White Lotus Workshop page I’ve created for our September retreat, and sending out some additional info on some upcoming Yoga Room Master Classes… But the details of life have run a little wild, and I’ve been preoccupied by child-rearing, domestic projects, weddings, my massage work and most recently learning to fly.

This past weekend, my friends Sherry and Caroline  and I had the amazing fortune to study with the lovely and sweet Kathryn Budig at an intensive workshop at Kripalu. The workshop: Flight of the Yogi, focused on inversions and arm balances, and I am sore in places I dare say I have not felt before. It was amazing.

We did things I’ve had glimpses of- but have never attempted, other things I had done before, but never will confidence. Kathryn helped us navigate our way thru fancy transitions from tripod headstand into eka pada koundinyasana I, and moved us from  titibasana into bakasana and then urged us to jump back into chaturanga. There were headstands a million and one ways, forearm balances in various degrees of scorpion, and all sorts of approaches into handstand (my new favorite is a “press-up” into straddle handstand; which I managed but could not seem to finish with full vrksasana). The cannon of planned poses could have been easily intimidating- but Kathryn’s commitment was contagious, and her “Aim True” philosophy helped ameliorate our fears and free our hearts.

It had been a long time since I had done something “girly”. Not that balancing up-side-down is your typical dainty activity- but hanging out with Sherry, and our other friend Caroline, was really awesome. And though I missed Griffin and Billy, I am so grateful to have had the chance to share the weekend with the girls- both of whom are skilled yogini goddesses.

Caroline, Sherry, and Bliss CP2, Sherry & Bliss

It was hard saying good-bye to KB, to the girls, and to Kripalu. It will most likely be yet another year or more before I get a similar chance to escape, and devote 3 entire days to the practice of asana and self-care. But I’ll take what I can get (and be grateful for it at that). As I drove away from Kripalu on Sunday afternoon I felt sure that the bond I had forged with my sister yoginis and KB would last a long, long time.

Double Pincha with KB

So now that I’ve spent 9 or so hours standing on my hands, it’s time to bring the focus bACK to the studio here. The summer class schedule is about to launch (Monday, June 20th) and I have a new class to teach (Core Fusion), and a new location to teach it in (TYR’s Annex at 9 Amelia Drive). I’m excited to welcome our summer yogis and yoginis back, and hope that many of you will seek out our Annex space, and continue to practice with me there. (ALL of my classes will be at the ANNEX).

In addition to all our offerings at the Yoga Room & our Annex, there are many exciting things coming down the pike including the return of Andrei Ram for yet another amazing weekend of Self-Realization, two master classes with PranaFlow teacher Coral Brown, a workshop with Kevin and Dana Coutney from Kula Yoga in NYC, and VERY SPECIAL TREAT of a retreat with my teachers Ganga White & Tracey Rich- coming here to Nantucket all the way from The White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA. So keep yourselves up to date, and check The Yoga Room‘s website often.

Oh, and as per usual, please continue to send me your asana and musical requests… Not everything works well in class, but I love a little musical challenge!  You can e-mail me @ caitlinmarcoux@comcast.net

Until next time, remember.. there’s a karma camera everywhere. 



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