The practice of gratitude.

Nantucket, MA.

Saturday night. July 16th, 2011

As I sit down to write, the orange glow of a divine sunset is filtering in through my living room windows, my baby is sleeping soundly upstairs, and my heart is effulgent and full of love. The love shifts back and forth between a reverberating sense of gratitude and a feeling of divine connection.

I am so very, very lucky these days; my life is brimming with things to be grateful for. I live on a stunningly beautiful island. I support myself and my son doing the things I am most passionate about (yoga and bodywork). I have a healthy and happy 19 month-old boy who fills my days with laughter and play, and I have an amazing partner who has opened up his home to us; giving me a treatment room in which to do my work, and my son a nursery in which to feel nurtured, protected and loved. AND as if that weren’t enough to feel blessed by already, I get to spent my extracurricular study time learning more about the practice with people like Andrei Ram.

Today completes day two of Andrei’s Self-Realization Immersion at The Yoga Room, with one day (tomorrow) left to go. This is the fourth time I have had the privilege of studying with Andrei… and each time I feel his message on a deeper, more cellular level. We are so lucky to have the chance to be a part of Andrei’s sangha, for truly being near him pulls one closer to the source… the prana that fills us all.

Please, if you’re still on the fence with your Sunday afternoon plans and haven’t had a chance to attend this workshop before, consider joining us tomorrow at the Annex. There are still spaces left for Andrei’s last session on Nantucket (at least last session this time around). Tomorrow’s practice will be accessible to¬†all levels, and open to the general public. You do not need to have attended Friday’s or Saturday’s classes.

And so it is that I sit here, having absorbed the practice of the last two days, reflecting on all the riches in my life, and feel deeply deeply thankful. My partner is away, having a boys weekend full of waterskiing and wake boarding, and I have had a chance to miss him. My son spent part of the afternoon with my dear friends at the beach, and I have had a chance to miss him as well. But what I will not miss is this chance, another chance, the chance we are given every single day to be grateful, to be mindful, and to be love itself.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti.


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