The 60 day yoga challenge….

My Challenge. My self-study. My hope. My love.

Here’s the deal: I’m setting a challenge for myself, to see If I can practice every day for the next two months. I’m shooting for at least 20 minutes, which feels realistic what with the baby, working, teaching and running a home, but hopefully it’ll pan out to be more like 60 or 90 minutes a day, for 60 days straight. The point is to see what comes up; both emotionally, spiritually and physically. To be with myself, and cultivate a deeper sense of compassion and patience, ahimsa and non-judgment, maybe even some non-attachment. This isn’t for anyone else, though extending compassion to anyone and every one is great. But this is the about the harder work- cultivating the compassion I need for myself. It’s about carving out something special just for me. So that I can grow, be a better mother, a better daughter, a better friend, a better teacher, a better partner, a better lover, a better, fuller me. I started on Monday, October 10th, so today I’m at DAY FIVE.

I was thinking that I’d try to blog about each day of the challenge, and describe – mostly as a record for myself- what kind of practice I did (structured class, which teacher, self-practice, vinyasa flow, yin, meditation, etc.) I’ve got some catching up to do already….

On DAY ONE, Monday, we were still in NYC (having been at the OWS demonstration with Seane Corn) and Burr and I were fortunate enough take a 90 minute level 2-3 class with Purnima Langen, otherwise known as Maria. I had never been to the Jivamukti studio in NYC, and it was awesome.

(and the natarajasanas across america continue. nyc.)

On DAY TWO, Tuesday we returned from NYC in time for me to take a mixed level vinyasa class at The Yoga Room with my friend, colleague and teacher Bettina Broer. Bettina has been practicing yoga for 33 years and teaching since 1997 – she is a wealth of knowledge, and we are lucky to have her here on our tiny island.

On DAY THREE, Wednesday I signed up for a monthly membership to YogaGlow, an online yoga studio that lets you take virtual yoga class with a diverse array of well-known yoga teachers including Elena Brower, Kathryn Budig, Noah Maze, Stephanie Snyder, and so on. I started out with a 15 minute mediation “for parents” with Elena, and then went on to do her 20 minute “Twist out Doubt and Negativity” flow, and then – and mostly because Griffin was still asleep- I did a 30 minute “Complete Flow on the Go” practice with Stephanie Snyder. YogaGlow is my new favorite addiction…. can you say ‘savior for an isolated island girl’?

Yesterday, DAY FOUR, I continued on with a 90 minute Heart Chakra practice with Elena… and am at present, rolling thru Kathryn’s class options… Today will be DAY FIVE of continuous practice. I just put Griffin down for his nap- and onto the mat I go.

We could do it together….

Anyone want to join me? We can urge each other on! Seriously, I have rarely taken on much of anything for 60 days in a row, let alone a pycho-emotional, spiritual and physical practice, so the more encouragement you can give me the better! Want thoughts on how to work a challenge practice into your month, week, day? Send questions, comments and of course encouragements to, I’ll be hoping to hear from some of you.

I’ve got 55 more days to go.




  1. I am so inspired, Caitlin. Does at least one down dog and ragdoll- forward fold per day count? I’m close to getting in 5-6 days a week of solid asana, but at least a pose or two every day. Having a child is such a new challenge on one’s practice! I now totally “get” it and am working on the mindfulness part more than just the asana even more than before.
    Keep on rockin.


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