2nd Annual Yoga for PASCON

Please join us, the evening of October 25th, for the 2nd annual Yoga for Palliative & Supportive Care of Nantucket

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I read recently that loneliness, or feeling like an outsider, will increase your chance of an early death by 45%. When compared to more obvious lifestyle risks, like obesity (30% chance it will lead to an early death) and abusive alcohol consumption (20% chance) this is a BIG DEAL. I mean, it’s SHOCKING. Right? In her new book Braving the Wilderness, Brene Brown writes:

“A deep sense of love and belonging is an irreducible need of all people. We are biologically, cognitively, physically, and spiritually wired to love, to be loved, and to belong. When those needs are not met, we don’t function as we were meant to. We break. We fall apart. We numb. We ache. We hurt others. We get sick.”

Brown goes to say “Research shows that playing cards once a week or meeting friends every Wednesday night at Starbucks adds as many years to our lives as taking beta blockers or quitting a pack-a-day smoking habit.”

Wow. Now that is reason to pause, take a deep breath, and re-evaluate how we spend our time.

The good news is, we can mitigate the risks associated with loneliness with a simple solution: more CONNECTION.

We can come together during rites of passage like weddings and funerals, celebrate human creativity at art openings, concerts and theatrical performances, and solidify a sense of community by attending local events like non-profit fundraisers, or church services, or volunteering at the local soup kitchen.

For me, the sense of connection and belonging that comes from a ritual practice – like a yoga class, healing circle or group meditation, is once of the most powerful ways of solidifying a sense of tribe. It’s one of the reasons that, when traveling, I always visit the local yoga shala; to get a sense of the local community.

On that note, Nantucket Island Resorts. and I are offering an evening of yoga + meditation with the intention of celebrating the healing power of tribe. The experience will be open to students of ALL LEVELS, and dedicated to support for and memory of Nantucket’s local cancer warriors. 100% of funds raised during class will be donated to PASCON, with matching donations from NIR.

Interested in joining us? Here are the details….

Donation yoga, Lunar Prana Vinyasa, PASCON, Nantucket Island ResortsHeld in the beautiful Ballroom at the White Elephant Village, this practice will include a Lunar Prana Vinyasa flow, seated or reclining meditation, as well as breath work & visualization to promote and restore a deep sense of well-being and community belonging.

Yogis with any amount exposure to the practice of yoga will be encouraged to set up towards the front of the class, so that novices can feel comfortable in the back, with their additional visual support. I will offer modifications for students with physical limitations and hands-on assists for those who enjoy them.

No reservations are necessary, just drop in. Please bring a yoga mat if you have one and I’ll bring as many extra as I can carry.

2017 September East Coast Tour

Finding your Fluid Grace in the Fall

Urban Flow Yoga Charleston Workshops with Caitlin Marcoux

Join Caitlin, a senior Prana Vinyasa® yoga teacher based in Nantucket, for a sacred sadhana devoted to cultivating fluid power and nourishing the warrior spirit.

All three of these classes will focus on invoking shakti, the divine feminine creative power and honoring the wounds left behind by personal trauma. Whether physical or emotional, environmental or spiritual, your wounds will be nurtured through mudra, mantra and movement alchemy. Caitlin will guide you through this practice with the wisdom inspired by her triumph over multiple cancers, and help you be an agent of change, vitality and hope.

1. Friday 9/8  Urban Flow Yoga, Charleston, SC.

  • Fluid Grace: a Prana Vinyasa Workshop. 5:30pm -7:30pm

2. Saturday 9/10 Studio 33, Kiawah Island, SC.

  • Fluid Power: a Prana Vinyasa drop-in class. 8:00am -9:15am

3. Tuesday 9/12  The Yoga Loft, Marblehead, MA.

  • Fluid Power: A Prana Vinyasa Take Over. 9:30-10:45am


Prana Vinyasa® is an energetic, creative, full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga cultivated by Shiva Rea and the Global Vinyasa Collective of Teachers. Students of all levels are empowered to experience prana – the universal source of breath, life-energy and conscious intelligence – as the navigating source of yoga practice and vital living. Practitioners learn classical and innovative approaches to vinyasa yoga and the state of flow drawn from Krishnamacharya’s teachings, Tantra, Ayurveda, Bhakti, Somatics and Shiva’s teaching experience from the last fifteen years.

Questions? Email caitlinmarcoux@gmail.com

Prenatal Workshop with Caitlin & Evie

Saturday May 6th, 2017 from 3-4:30pm at the Nantucket Yoga Room

This prenatal yoga workshop will be taught by Evie O’Connor, with hands-on therapeutic massage by Caitlin Marcoux. Both teachers are certified Prenatal Yoga Instructors and Caitlin additionally is a Licensed Prenatal Massage Therapist. The class will synchronize mellow movement, restorative postures, guided meditation and massage to create a a sacred space for deep relaxation and connection. Space will be limited to 8 pregnant goddesses to ensure a deeply nurturing experience.

 There is no yoga experience required to attend this workshop.

Nantucket Prenatal Yoga

Curios but not 100% committed? Nervous about exercising while pregnant? New to yoga?

Read more about Caitlin’s experience using yoga to create a powerful, orgasmic birth experience. Her, now 7-year old son Griffin, was born at home on a yoga mat, with no interventions necessary. To this day, Caitlin credits yoga and pranayama (breathing techniques) with her unassisted delivery.




Sweet N’ Low Yoga Flow: May 4th, 2014

Sunday, 2-4pm
Eyes of the World 
Providence, RI.

 Sweet N' Low Yoga Flow
$35 by Fri Jan 24
$45 by Jan 25


Involution Flow: March 15th & 16th

Saturday & Sunday, March 15th & 16th, 2014
O Yoga Studio
Saracuse, N.Y.

Involution Yoga
$35 per class with registration before March 10th
$40 per class
$85 discounted full workshop


HeartCore Flow: January 26th 2014

Sunday, 2-4pm
Eyes of the World 
Providence, RI.
HeartCore Flow

Open your heart and ignite your core with this fluid sequence of backbends, forward folds and heartfire core work. Explore the wisdom of your innermost guru, challenge yourself to soften up against your edge and stoke the flames of your creativity. Pranayama, yogasana and meditation will be used to cultivate agni (fire) and uncover personal satya (truth.)

$35 by Fri Jan 24
$45 by Jan 25


Fluid Grace: A Vinyasa Flow Master Class

Shri Studio

Pawtucket, RI

Friday, December 14th, 2012 5:30-7:30pm $25

Please join Caitlin at Shri, Pawtucket’s only urban revitalization yoga studio, for this vinyasa flow master class. Caitlin will be picking up where she left off at Shri last May, leading you through looping and folding vinyasas with precision alignment and thoughtful placement. Link you breath with your body and surrender deeper into your heart’s wisdom and connect with Grace.

Please register well in advance by registering online here.

Slow Flow 2: Fluid Placement

Yoga On Union

New Bedford, MA.

Sunday, November 18th, 2012 (3-5pm) $30

Join Caitlin at Juliet Loranger’s intimate and beautiful studio, Yoga On Union, in the heart of downtown New Bedford, for this Slow Flow master class. Caitlin will be picking up where she left off last April, leading you through looping and folding vinyasas with precision alignment and thoughtful placement. Please register well in advance by emailing Juliet at yogaonunion@gmail.com. Class will be limited to the first 18 people who sign up.

Kate Greer & Richmond Dickson join us at The Yoga Room

July 3rd & 4th, 2012: Two special master classes

Tuesday July 3rd (6:00-8:00 pm) Let Freedom Ring: Backbending and Bhakti:  Bhakti, or love, may be the greatest force in the world. In this special two hour class, Kate and Richmond will lead you through an uplifting and opening practice of backbending and heart-opening. The feeling of a sublime savasana, where you are totally receptive, is a moment when you are free – free of worry, planning or agenda. In much the same way, a backbending practice has the capacity to leave you feeling open, vast and liberated. Come open your heart with Kate and Richmond as a way of celebrating your innate freedom! $35

Wednesday July 4th (10-11:30 am) Liberate Yourself: Hips and Twists: Start your holiday off right with some opening and grounding in this special class! The hips are not only often the tightest part of the body but also a warehouse for latent emotion. As a result, hip-opening postures are a great release and a good way to put yourself at ease. Twists have a natural detoxifying effect on the body and are also healing to the organs – these poses are good for both before and after a party! Both categories of postures are a beautiful way to let go and be free of what isn’t serving you. Join Kate and Richmond for a healthy gift to yourself on this Independence Day! $30


About Kate & Richmond:

Kate Greer (Hanspal Kaur) began teaching yoga in NYC after completing a 200hr Vinyasa certification at Sonic Yoga. At that time, her personal practice and teaching were informed by her study at Kula Yoga Project and with Sri Dharma Mittra. Following an injury, Kate was led to the alignment based practice of Anusara, and the teachers Elana Brower and at Vira Yoga. Kate later became Anusara-Inspired, going on to study with Amy Ippoliti, Darren Rhodes, Noah Maze, and John Friend, and she continues to honor aspects of the Anusara system in her teaching today.Anusara taught Kate not only about healing injury through asana but also introduced her to Tantric philosophy. This piqued an interest that led Kate into further study and the practice of Kundalini, which she studied with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa and Hari Kaur Khalsa at Golden Bridge Yoga. Kate completed her Level I teacher training at Yogi Bajan’s Ranch in Espanola, NM, and currently assists Level I trainings with Guruatma Singh and Prem Pyar Khalsa of Franklin Yoga.She is currently pursuing the teachings of Shadow Yoga through her teachers Scott Blossom, Chandra Easton, and Matt Pesendian.Kate lives in the Boston area with her husband, Richmond Dickson, and their son, Kahlil. She teaches public yoga classes and workshops at studios in and around the city, and she co-created and is a lead instructor of Back Bay Yoga’s 200hr Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Trainings.

Richmond Dickson is both an adept myofascial bodyworker and an inspiring Vinyasa Yoga teacher. Through his Shiva Rea training and exploration of Shadow Yoga, Richmond’s teaching comes from a love for movement & artistic expression, as well as his knowledge of structural alignment and movement mechanics. Through yoga, Richmond hopes to help his students find freedom and ease in movement and posture that will bring balance and peace to their day-to-day lives.

In 2009, Kate and Richmond founded Open Hearts Yoga School and began offering retreats and teacher trainings in Florida, New England and abroad. Their mission is to provide a safe and sacred space where teachers and students can interact, grow, heal and learn from each other about the open-hearted nature of all human beings. Please visit www.kategreeryoga.com and www.openheartsyogaschool.com for more info.





The Places In-Between: Pawtucket

Shri Studio
Pawtucket, MA
Saturday, May 12, 2012

Come explore the in-between places; the moments that happen as your asana evolves. This Slow Flow workshop will be a mixed level, down-tempo, vinyasa based class open to ANY student with a desire to take their practice deeper. Lunar in nature, this Slow Flow practice will focus on linking hip-opening and heart-opening postures with Chandra Namaskar (Suyra Namaskar C) and other lyrical vinyasas. The flow of the class as well as individual vinyasas will be meticulously decelerated so that a deeper technical understanding of the postures can be explored and greater attention can be paid to the psychosomatic experience therein.