The Places In Between

Monday, March 12, 2012
Nantucket, MA.

The Places In-Between; A Slow Flow Vinyasa Master Class with Caitlin Marcoux

 Dear Tribe, I’m excited to announce I will be teaching a special class at Yoga On Union in New Bedford, MA. on Saturday April 15th.

about the workshop:

Come explore the in-between places; the moments that happen as your asana evolves. This Slow Flow workshop will be a mixed level, down-tempo, vinyasa based class open to ANY student with a desire to take their practice deeper. Lunar in nature, this Slow Flow practice will focus on linking hip-opening and heart-opening postures with Chandra Namaskar (Suyra Namaskar C) and other lyrical vinyasas. The flow of the class as well as individual vinyasas will be meticulously decelerated so that a deeper technical understanding of the postures can be explored and greater attention can be paid to the psychosomatic experience therein.

For a Slow Flow sneak peak check out the video below. Many thanks to the two special yoginis: my sister Ariel Marcoux and dear friend Patricia Dolloff, for their participation.
Their practice brings me great joy.

Om shanti, om 

Vesica Intensive Yoga with David Regelin

June 8th, 9th and 10th @ The Hayloft, Bartlett’s Farm

About The Vesica Practice

The Vesica Practice is an evolutionary thread of postures supported by form oriented instruction. The goal of the practice is to develop skill, technique, and a functional understanding of the potential that yoga has to reform, and ultimately transform oneself. Skill is defined as the mental capacity to make distinctions, more so than physical ability. Technique is the application of said skill. A functional practice is one that is relevant and supportive as one passes through the thresholds of their life. The Vesica practice can be modified to be fluid and dynamic, as well as still, informative, and organic. Each segment of the weekend will be different. David’s weekend workshops will be broken down into the following segments. Please keep in mind that while each class can be taken al la carte, with David’s style of teaching all classes relate to and build upon one another, and are best taken as a cohesive whole.

About David

“I have been practicing yoga for ten years. Through practice and observation, patterns have emerged. The function of yoga as I see it now is quite different from when my practice began. As my experience of yoga continues to evolve and reveal, I have learned not to underestimate its potential, depth, and complexity. I keep a finger on the pulse of my personal practice, and of those to whom I teach, to ensure its potency, sustainability, and relevancy.

As my practice has matured, the dynamic has shifted from simply working hard, to working efficiently, methodically, architecturally, and imaginatively. For this reason I have changed the name of my yoga from “multi-intenso” to “Vesica Practice”.

The name “Vesica practice” is a play on the Vesica Pisces. An almond shape formed when two circles of equal diameter intersect at their center points, The Vesica pisces is the womb within which all geometric shapes and patterns develop. It brings forth shapes from the archetypal world of ideal geometry and was used functionally and symbolically in the construction of doors or portals between mundane and spiritual places. This shape occurs throughout the human body, nature, ancient art, architecture, religion, and of course yoga postures.”

this is David teaching @ Wanderlust in 2011

Workshop Schedule:

Friday, June 8th (6-8pm) Matter and PatternA well rounded series of postures linked together at a moderate pace. This class will describe and how forms (of the body) interact, inform and conform to one another. Students can learn to reshape their material (bodies) by applying the postural patterns of yoga. $40

Saturday, June 9th (9-11am) Polarity and LeverageA series of postures linked together at a moderate/exhilarating pace. This class will help develop a skillful imagination that utilizes simple geometry that can be applied to a dynamic Vinyasa or Ashtanga style practice. Surya Namaskar variations and hand balances will be related to seated and standing postures. $40

Saturday, June 9th (2-5pm) Form & Function: This class will work with a pose by pose format so that the individual parts can be accurately related to the whole. This class will give students a practical understanding of how the body is designed to fold and unfold, and how to adjust their poses based on natural and organic human form.. rather than brand of yoga.  Emphasis will be on the reformative potential of seated postures. $60

Sunday, June 10th (9-11am) Integrity & Inspiration: This class will work with a pose by pose format so that the individual parts can be accurately related to the whole. The focus will be on building a sustainable and well integrated back bending practice by relating the individual arches of the body to the whole arch of a back bend.  Class will end with inspirational respiration techniques…. Pranayama! $40

*discounted tuition for entire weekend: $155*

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Students visiting Nantucket for David’s workshop should book their lodging with the Nesbitt Inn, where they will receive a 20% discount by mentioning The Yoga Room.

The Nesbitt Inn features a variety of accommodations from Single, Double, Twin and King rooms with shared baths (sink in room) to large Queens with private baths.

The Studio, a newer accommodation in back, features a Queen Bed, Kitchenette and Private Bath. The Inn also has two units in the Carriage House each equipped with a living room, kitchen, bath, bedroom, backyard and deck. Outdoor grills are also available.

The front porch, a favorite feature of the Inn, is a prized location for leisure, reading, laughing, people watching, and sipping wine. The innkeepers, Joanne and Steve Marcoux, will welcome you cordially and make sure you have an unforgettable stay.




The Multi-Intenso Practice.

This weekend: Coral Brown on Nantucket!

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Nantucket, MA.

Dear Tribe,

Don’t miss this chance to study with an amazing yogini. Coral Brown, a student of Shiva Rea’s and a senior teacher trainer of Shiva’s Prana Flow Yoga. She will be here- ON OUR LITTLE ISLAND, for just one day: this Sunday, April 17th.

Coral’s workshop will be appropriate for yogis and yoginis of all levels, and open to the general public. Please join us at Strong Wings (9 Nobadeer Farm Road) on Sunday from 1-4 p.m. Walk-ins are welcome, so if you’re still on the fence- feel free to join us, no advanced RSVP is necessary.

I first studied with Coral at Kripalu back in 2009, when I was pregnant with my son Griffin. She assisted Shiva’s Embodying the Flow Yoga Teacher Training, and was the leader of my study group. I knew from the moment she began to work with us, that I would study with her again in the future. This past December, Burr and I trekked over to The Centerville Yoga & Wellness Center to take a heart opening workshop with her. And then as luck would have it, we had the pleasure of sharing our first practice of 2011 with Coral at her home studio, All That Matters, on New Year’s Day! It ended up being the perfect way to begin 2011.

Coral’s style is joyful and fun, challenging and uplifting. She will put a smile on your face, and make you laugh. She’ll play great music and get you in the FLOW.

I am super excited to host Coral, and am thrilled she’s taken us up on our invitation to teach here. So please, Tribe, come out and support a visiting yogini! Your support will ensure future workshops with Coral and other amazing traveling teachers. So get your gardening and landscaping done tomorrow; it’s going to rain on Sunday, and you will not regret spending the later half of your weekend with us.

Om shanti,


Ps. Coral is on the cover of this months Yoga Journal magazine!

Saturday Night Asana Clinic: Backbends to Open the Heart

Saturday January 29th, 2011

Hey Tribe,

Come practice opening your heart, bending backwards and energizing your anahata chakra tonight at The Yoga Room. Asana clinic will be from 5:30-7:00 p.m. this evening




Om namah shivaya!



hip-hop vinyasa flow

as many of you know, I was in Boston for a week last month, and had the chance to take a number of classes at Back Bay Yoga. they have a regularly scheduled class called hip-hop yoga, which has quickly become one of their most popular classes. the few I got to take were JAM packed: 60-70 students inverting and twisting to the likes of MJ, Justin, and Gaga, and I took one class with the lovely Goldie Kaufenberg that totally rocked my world. it was such an out-of-the-box and joyful experience to practice yoga to the push and pull of hip-hop that I found myself working deeper into my asana practice in a way that felt easy. I nearly always have fun when in the flow, no matter the soundtrack, but the novelty of flowing to hip-hop and rap was exciting and uplifting. so in that spirit, I would like to invite you to practice tonight, tuesday january 18th, to a special hip-hop playlist- and we’ll see if we can’t recreate my Back Bay experience. as always, I welcome your feedback.

Om shanti,


dub it down

Hi Tribe,

Below you’ll find the playlist from last night’s Slow Flow Monday vinyasa class. After this posts been up for a few days, I’ll move it into the playlist page. For me dub music & yoga go together like PB&J. Let me know what you think!

Om Shanti,




Slow Flow Monday’s Playlist: January 10th, 2010

Spoony Bill by Roots Combination Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions

You Are We Am I (Blue Mix) by TJ Rehmi

Orion by Bill Laswell & Jah Wobble Radioaxiom

Dil Mai Durad by TJ Rehmi

One God Dub by Kaya Project

Elephant (Dub Mix) by Spiral System & Lottie Child

Hey Diwani, Hey Diwana by The Dum Dum Project

Punjabi Five-0 by Dum Dum Project

It Ain’t Necessarily Evil by Mungolian Jetset

On the Dub-ble by DJ Krush

Kali Maheshwari by Tantra remix

You Are We Am I by TJ Rehmi The Warm Chill

Devotional Rap by Shiva Mantra

The Warm Chill by TJ Rehmi

Subcode by Bill Laswell & Jah Wobble

Begin and End by Dub Tractor Hideout


Break It Down: Saturday night clinic

Please join us for a special Break It down Saturday night vinyasa clinic. This Saturday we will be exploring horizontal movement and how it can help take you deeper into your arm balance practice! Postures like bakasana, titibasana, astavakrasana, eka hasta bhujasana, and bhairavasana will be explored. Kramas (stages) of each will be asana will be accessed via a multilevel-appropriate approach. Join us tonight, December 11th, 2010 from 5:30-7:00 p.m. E-Mail your RSVP to or find me on Facebook.