prenatal yoga

Caitlin is pleased to offer prenatal yoga privately and semi-privately to mothers in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy.

What is prenatal Yoga?

Prenatal Yoga helps to prepare your body and mind for labor, birth and motherhood. Whether you area seasoned yogi or a total novice, prenatal yoga is a beautiful way to connect your own quickly changing body and cultivate relationships with other pregnant woman. This class will focus on releasing tension, maintaining good posture, clearing the mind of the stresses of pregnancy and connecting to the little life growing within. Through breath work and meditation, students will learn to relax on command and keep a positive outlook. We will cover basic yoga poses (and some more challenging for those pregnant goddesses with an established practice) for prenatal and postnatal health, discussion of prenatal health and wellness, birthing options, and labor positioning, as well as meditation and breathing techniques that can prove extremely helpful during the process of labor and delivery.  For more information please fill out our contact form.

Caitlin’s Prenatal Yoga Story:

Caitlin began teaching prenatal yoga while pregnant with her son Griffin in April of 2009. Teaching a prenatal yoga class while pregnant herself seemed like an obvious progression of Caitlin’s journey, so she signed on when several expectant mothers approached her to teacher her first group. She had no idea at the time how important prenatal yoga was to become to her path as a teach and ultimately as a mother.

After nine months of prenatal yoga, Griffin Marcoux was born safely at home (on a yoga mat no less, in the very spot pictured above), on the evening of December 18th, 2009, in a record 2 and 1/2 hour birthing celebration. Caitlin credits the ease of her labor and delivery to her practice, and the time she spent in the supportive company of her prenatal yoga students.

While every woman has her own birthing experience, and no two stories or deliveries are the same, a serious prenatal yoga practice can without a doubt, help Mothers prepare for the physical, emotional, and mental challenges of birth (and parenting). Caitlin believes her quick and relatively pain-free labor is strong evidence of the power of prenatal yoga. Griffin’s birth story can be read here.

Caitlin completed her advanced prenatal yoga teacher training at The Asheville Yoga Center with Stephanie Keach in Asheville, NC in November of 2011.