Strong Girls Yoga

Strong Girls YogaWe believe strong girls grow up to be strong women.

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At Strong Girls Yoga, we are committed to providing Nantucket’s young women and girls with a safe environment to cultivate self-esteem, mindfulness, physical presence, and lasting peace…

These girls empowerment classes are designed specifically for ages 7-9 and 10-13. Strong Girls Yoga classes explore many yoga postures which build strength and flexibility but the content of our classes go beyond the physical practice of yoga to include guidelines for living a conscious life.

Strong Girls Yoga, Nantucket, MA

Our Strong Girls are introduced to the yamas (ethics) of non-violence, truthfulness, discernment, consciousness, moderation, and mindfulness, as well as ways to cultivate gratitude, compassion and joy.

The girls also work on building self-esteem and confidence through a playful mix of yoga games, trust exercises, partner work,  thoughtful discussion, meditation, reflection, occasional journaling and breath work.

The older girl’s classes include a sharing circle, in which the girls learn to put respect, boundaries, trust to work while holding space for each other to talk about relevant issues, such as the women’s movement, gender equality, body shaming, bullying, and puberty.

Strong Girls Yoga was created in 2010, when Caitlin became a Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher, at the esteemed Asheville Center for Yoga, in North Carolina. We are thrilled to be in our 7th year of supporting young women’s development on Nantucket.

Generally classes are $15 per drop-in, or $130 for a 10-class pass. Classes are taught at different locations on the island of Nantucket, MA.