Gorilla Graffiti Yoga on Nantucket

Video Blog

We did this back in June. It was going to be an on-going project, but like many ideas or intentions, burned brightly and then faded away. The summer waxed and then waned  – and now I find myself with the extra time necessary for organizing and editing. With not many poignant things to say this evening, I thought it might be best simply to video blog, rather than force some ink to paper. This is not a perfect practice –  just a moment in time. Many thanks to my sister Ariel Marcoux and my friend and student Patricia Dolloff, for going along with the gorilla style Throw-Your-Mat-Down-and-Flow adventure.

Om. om. om.

Three Flow Pt. Two

April-May, 2012

and of course, there was a “Three Flow” part one… it’s below.

Three Flow

March 11, 2012