Sex, Lust and Cancer

henri de toulouse-lautrec The Kiss, In bed 1892

I have a new piece up on It’s called Sex, Lust and Cancer: Tips for Staying Sexually Alive, and it’s by far the most personally revealing, intimate piece I have written to date. It feels a little scary, putting everything out there, but so far the feedback I’ve gotten from other cancer survivors has been tremendous. If the article has helped shed some light on a taboo subject for even a handful of people, any vulnerability I feel having published it is well worth it.

My journey continues. Yesterday I had my 23rd infusion (my 5th in this cycle) and I’m one step closer to the finish line (I have 8 more to go). Although I feel exhausted, this infusion hasn’t rocked me nearly as hard as the last one did three weeks ago. For that I am grateful.

In between treatments my life continues. I have been lucky enough to go on two exotic yoga retreats this winter and study with some amazing and powerful teachers. In addition to having the new piece out on Rebelle, I recently took the bull by the horns and started writing my book on using yoga to navigate cancer. I’m teaching more and more yoga, (now quite a bit off-island) and just reopened my massage therapy practice. I feel like I’m finding my rhythm again.

I think 2014 is going to be an amazing year. May it be for you too!