The Places In Between

Monday, March 12, 2012
Nantucket, MA.

The Places In-Between; A Slow Flow Vinyasa Master Class with Caitlin Marcoux

 Dear Tribe, I’m excited to announce I will be teaching a special class at Yoga On Union in New Bedford, MA. on Saturday April 15th.

about the workshop:

Come explore the in-between places; the moments that happen as your asana evolves. This Slow Flow workshop will be a mixed level, down-tempo, vinyasa based class open to ANY student with a desire to take their practice deeper. Lunar in nature, this Slow Flow practice will focus on linking hip-opening and heart-opening postures with Chandra Namaskar (Suyra Namaskar C) and other lyrical vinyasas. The flow of the class as well as individual vinyasas will be meticulously decelerated so that a deeper technical understanding of the postures can be explored and greater attention can be paid to the psychosomatic experience therein.

For a Slow Flow sneak peak check out the video below. Many thanks to the two special yoginis: my sister Ariel Marcoux and dear friend Patricia Dolloff, for their participation.
Their practice brings me great joy.

Om shanti, om 

yoga. yoga. yoga.

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012
Nantucket, MA.

Round Two: FEBRUARY Specialty Classes

Dear Tribe,

I’m super excited to announce that I’ll be running a second installment of Strong Girls: Yoga 4 Teens. Of course, I love teaching all my classes, but this one has become, by far, my favorite yoga class to teach each week. The next session of this class – strictly for pre-teen and teen girls will begin Monday, February 13th and will run for 4 consecutive Mondays from 3-4:00 p.m. Strong Girls Yoga focuses on building body awareness, self-esteem, core strength, agility and above all else CONFIDENCE.

Pre-registration and payment in full is required to secure a spot. Class is limited to 15 students to ensure individual hands-on instruction. Students do not need to have attended the first section of Strong Girls, and class is open to students with a broad rage of physical fitness. Please e-mail me with additional questions.

In addition to my regularly scheduled classes at The Yoga Room, I’m pleased to be offering 3 more specialty yoga classes this month at the Nantucket Fitness Studio: Core Yoga, Yoga for Triathletes, Athletes & Warriors and ROGA: Real Ryding & Yoga, which I co-teach with the awesome powerhouse Lisa Wisentaner – proprietor of the Nantucket Cycling + Fitness Studios.

I hope you can join us for any one of these 3 dynamic reincarnations of traditional yoga, or find me on the mat and at one of my 4 weekly Yoga Room classes.

Light & Love


Beginner’s Core Yoga: This Sunday

Thursday, January 12, 2012
Nantucket, MA.

Nantucket Fitness Studio, here comes Yoga

Introducing new students to all that yoga has to offer can be electrifying. But to be completely honest, it can also be a little overwhelming – at least for me. Intermediate & advanced students are easy students: they’re already hooked. You don’t have to “sell” them anything, or urge them to have faith (at least not on a regular basis) that the yoga is “working”. They already know, just by the way they feel, that the practice is having profound effects on their lives. That’s why they’re back, week after week, class after class. But the newbies… they don’t know yet. And in fact, if they’re anything like I was, they’re probably a little bit skeptical.

I was the worst skeptic of all: As a yoga woman I was anti-new age, anti-“spiritual”, even anti-lavender. In college I chopped off all my long blonde locks, and dyed my new pixie cut black, wore nothing but wife-beaters and donned a pair of 16-hole Doc Martins. I was an Enya-knocking, breeder-bashing, militant feminist atheist.  So it’s super ironic  that I’ve ended up a home birthing, baby-wearing vegetarian massage therapist, yoga teaching Mom. And while I’m covered in tattoos and I still wear biker boots and a blade in my back pocket, you might say I’ve embraced my softer side.

It might be the yoga. Shhh…. don’t tell anyone.

Anyway, this Sunday, I’ll be back in the studio teaching beginners; a responsibility I feel 3 parts excited by and 1 part anxious about. Excited because introducing people to yoga, all of them:  the would-be skeptics and the Self-Helpers alike, is just that: exciting. For some, it’ll be a whole new world, and for me, it’ll be a whole new opportunity to serve. Anxious because it’s just not easy. Without a doubt, new students arrive to class with certain expectations. And though it’s not for me to meet them or not, it’s always a practice for me  to be okay with myself, and with yoga, when it’s seems class is falling short. I have to remind myself that yoga is not necessarily going to resonate with everyone as powerfully as it resonated with me. And even I had to get out of my own way before I could allow it to full take hold.

So if you’re reading this, and planning on coming to class (this Sunday the 15th from 11:30-12:30 at The Nantucket Fitness Studio), try to come with an open mind. You can rest assured that you will get your internal fires lit, and your heart rate up. We’ll do a little centering,  a lot of core, some stretching and even some reflection. I’ll talk to you in English, not Sanskrit (that will come later) and do my best to make things approachable and applicable. An hour’s not a lot of time… you’ll have to come back for more. 😉

at the time this was written Beginner’s Core Yoga at the Nantucket Fitness Studio was full. There is a wait list, but I expect we will be able to accommodate additional students – so please visit our website, and put yourself on the List. If the wait list is full, please be sure to sign up for the next Beginner’s Core class Sunday the 29th. 

All I want for my birthday

…is to celebrate with my yoga tribe. Please join me for a lighthearted, blissy vinyasa practice this Sunday, the 4th of December, at The Yoga Room from 9-10:45 a.m.  I’ll be turning 35, and hoping for at least that many hugs and kisses.



Strolling into Christmas

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011
Nantucket, MA.
60 Day Yoga Challenge Day 50
October’s Practice Record via YogaGlo

It’s hard for me to believe but true: as of today, I am ten days away from finishing my 60 Day Yoga Challenge. 50 days of yoga in a row have done a number of things to not only for my body, but also for my soul. Without a doubt, I’m stronger and more flexible. I’m holding handstands with more easy and for longer and longer periods of time, and I can melt into hanumanasana (full split) without so much as warming up. But more importantly, or perhaps more interestingly, I am happier. This is not to say that I’m sweet and cheery all the time, or easy to live with, or even nice 24/7 – but I’d like to think I’m a little softer.

If there is evidence to be had, I can look to my son. The playtime we share is full of even more goofy smiles, the hugs and kisses he gives me are even more plentiful, and silly laughter fills our living room most afternoons and evenings. The calm that feels more accessible to me now, has been regularly reflected back to me via my son. It’s pretty amazing.

You mean there really could be something to all this talk about the benefits of yoga? 

Yes. Yes, it’s true. I can now honestly attest to all the things I have been touting for years- my regular yoga practice makes me a better person, a better mother, a better lover, a better partner, and a better friend. Need more proof? I guess we could ask Burr…but you know, he’s a private kind of guy, so he may not want to publicly weigh in.

This week’s practices on the road included one 30-minute self-practice outside the B6 gate in Logan Airport, 3 classes as The Bindu in Lake Norman, North Carolina, one class at Yoga One, in Charlotte,  one YogaGlo class with Elena Brower I did in the middle of my boyfriend’s sister’s house in Davidson, and one self-practice I did in their upstairs “Bonus Room” to a video I made of my own Sunday Sadhana class at TYR last February (um, it was hard. I give my students a lot of credit).

B6 Loganasana

The Bindu is a very pretty studio, who’s owner Kelley Gardner is a certified Anusara Yoga Instructor. Kelley offers a heart-guided and alignment driven practice, which feels to me, very typical of an Anusara practice. Yoga One on the other hand is a Baron Baptiste affiliated, Hot yoga studio. To put it nicely, let’s just say that the teacher who led the practice was about as far away as one could get from the seasoned and attentive Ms. Gardner at The Bindu as possible.

November’s YogaGlo Practice Tracker

Oh, and just quickly…

On the personal and familial front, I would like to say a big thank you to the Heiser and Keible families for all their hospitality over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Though it was difficult at times for me to focus on what was in front of my face, rather than the pangs of Griffin-sickness, I really enjoyed my time with my partner’s family, and felt truly welcomed into all their various homes and hearts.

And while it’s safe to assume I won’t be rushing out to play Mini-Golf again any time soon, it’s true what Burr said: if I had not played, I wouldn’t have been able to come in last. 😉 Nor would I have gotten the chance to add the Mini-Golf Natarajasana photograph below to my  “Where in the Natarajasana” Facebook album. Now wouldn’t that have been a missed opportunity!



As we prepare for the unique experience that is the Christmas Stroll on Nantucket, I would like to encourage as many of you to keep up with your regular yoga practice as possible. We had record turn out of students in class the week leading up to Thanksgiving… let’s keep building the amazing connectedness that is our local sangha. Christmas time presents us with many challenges but just as many opportunities for growth, connection and gratitude. Act from the heart. Stay true to your Self. And remember to breathe.

Oh, and BTW, my 35th Birthday is this Sunday the 4th of December. All I want, besides a sexy new black Manduka Yoga Mat 😉 is to practice yoga with my tribe. Please join me in celebrating during my regularly scheduled Sunday Sadhana class at the Yoga Room. The flow will be mixed level, open to all looking to smile, hoping to play. Please don’t be mad if I play a few loud rock tunes.

Finally, I’d like to close by saying how extremely grateful I am for this:

The nearly matching, but certainly unique enough, luggage and complementary Timbuktu messenger bags… to say nothing of the yummieness carting them around the airport. Dear man with the bags, I love you.

In other not as self-absorbed news, here are my up-coming subs

Eager to get your vinyasa on? I’m subbing a lot over the next month, so if you’re on Nantucket for any part of December, please stop by the Yoga Room, and check out the ever-changing holiday class schedule. As far as I know, I am currently subbing the following classes:

Thursday morning December 1st for Bettina @ 8:15 – 9:35 a.m.

Thursday evening December 1st for Susan @ 5:30-7:00 p.m.

Thursday evening December 22nd for Susan @ 5:30-7:00 p.m.

Saturday morning Christmas Eve for Clay @ 8:15 – 9:35 a.m.

Monday morning December 26th for Clay @ 8:15 – 9:35 a.m.

Tuesday morning December 27th for Susan @ 9:00-10:25 a.m.

*Gift Certificates for classes are available at The Yoga Room, and I have some pretty gift certificates available for massage. Check out the winter massage specials I’m offering at Nantucket Massage Therapy here.

Love, Light & Vegetarian Blessings,


don’t be a loser. practice ahimsa

Tuesday. November 15, 2011
Nantucket, MA.
Challenge Day 35
Yama, yama, yama

So in last night’s class we began a discussion of the 5 principle Yamas, or moral precepts, which act to guide us on our various public and personal paths. Each one is pretty basic, and yet deserving of it’s own discussion individually. Just in case you haven’t heard of them before, (and seriously why would you unless this was already your thing) – I’ll list them here:

1. Ahimsa (अहिंसा): non-violence

2. Satya (सत्य): truth in word and thought.

3. Asteya(अस्तेय): non-stealing

4. Brahmacharya (ब्रह्मचर्य): the practice of moderation, or control of the senses

5. Aparigraha (अपरिग्रह): non-possessives, non-hoarding


The Yamas aren’t radical ideas, in fact they’re quite simplistic. (Don’t we all want to be truthful?) But in reality, the yamas can be down right challenging. Hello Sneaky White Lies! Hasn’t everyone stollen something at least once? (The first time for me was a pack of gum from the A&P when I was 5). And haven’t we all woken up hung over once or twice (or in my case, regularly on the weekends throughout my 20s).

But once we get on our yogic paths, and start to see the practice as something bigger than just the asanas, the yamas become the fabric of our lives, and bind us together with their healing support. Dude, the Yamas rock. If you haven’t checked them out, Thanksgiving, is the perfect time to get on the yamic good foot.

Last night in class we talked about Ahimsa, non-violence. Tonight we’ll explore my personal favorite, Satya. I passed out some yamawork (homework) at the end of class, and tonight I’ll do the same. If you can’t make it to class, but are interested in participating the assignment is below. I’ll be teaching a FREE, let me repeat that, FREE Thanksgiving class this Saturday at The Yoga Room from 5-6:15 give or take a few minutes…

Your Assignment, should you choose to embrace it:

Please choose one of the yamas and write a short example of how you have been able to  authentically think about and practice that yama in your personal life- either on or off the mat. In return for humoring me with this assignment, I will offer a FREE community yoga class, celebrating Thanksgiving and centered on these themes Saturday, November 19th from 5-6:15 p.m. Please bring your homework to class.

BTW, watch Loser… it’s a powerful reminder of why we should all practice Ahimsa, and make sure we teach our children to too.

If you can’t join us for class on Saturday, you might consider reading this to get you in the Holiday mood.  I found it on Elephant Journal this morning, I’ll probably read from it in class.


loving the ladies

“Ring the bells that still can ring

Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack in everything

That’s how the light gets in.”

~Leonard Cohen


The 60 Day Yoga Challenge, Day 22
Just home from Susan’s Vinyasa Flow class at The Yoga Room
Nantucket, MA.
नमस्ते Namaste Tribe,

Happy First of November! Can you believe Halloween has come and gone, and Tofurkeys and Recycled Tinsel are quickly approaching? It’s time to stoke the wood stove, roast root vegetables, get out the apple cider and put on the leg warmers!

For our little clan the November-December holiday season means lots of extended family dinners at the Inn, Thanksgiving in North Carolina, a holiday visit from my Left Coast sister, Grey, trimming a tree with my partner for the first time in our new home, and a number of big birthdays. My Dad is 63 on November 6th. Griffin is turning 2 next month, and I’m turning 35, okay- that’s a little yikes, but still kind of fun.  I just love this time of year.

There’s a chill in the air at The Yoga Room – but it’s a great an excuse to turn up the heat. Now that we’re dealing with record breaking chills, early snow falls in Boston, it’s time to pack away the Lulu capris, and dig out the good ol’ Groove Pants.  Recently, I’ve had to arrive at the studio at least 30 minutes before the start of class to take the nip out of the air and warm up the hard wood floor. After teaching last night, I forgot to take my yoga mat out of my car. When I rolled it out on the studio floor this morning it fused to the wood like a tongue on a flag pole.

But upward and onward. Put your layers on, and join the warming vinyasa fun. The new schedule is out at TYR, and though our class offerings have been paired down- Paul, Bettina, Clay and Susan and I are still here- happy to give you a loving space to get your Sangha on!

Assuming I can make it to November 10th, I will have hit the one-month mark of my 60 day yoga challenge next week, and that feels pretty significant. So to celebrate, I’m going down to NYC next Tuesday for a 2 night yoga getaway. I’m hoping to spend part of Day 29 with Elena Brower and take her 12 o’clock class at her studio Virayoga in SoHo, and the rest of the day with my teacher Shiva Rea! On Day 30 I hope to stop off in Providence on our return, and take class with my mentor, Shannah Green at Eyes of The World.

Having practiced fairly religiously over the last three weeks with Elena, I am super excited to meet her in person. As luck would have it, she’ll be at her studio next week, before taking off for various yoga appearances. So I feel like the uni-verse is working with me this week. Ahhhh, ommm…. To think I might be able to take class with Elena, and then Shiva; two of my Yoga Crushes, in the same day, is nearly more than I can bear!

Not including the intensive teacher training I did with Shiva at Kripalu in 2009, this will mark the 4th time I have been able to practice with Ms Rea. On Tuesday afternoon and well into the evening, Shiva will be teaching a full-throttle, Prana Flow Temple of Rasa event, sponsored by Sonic Yoga, which will be held at the Angel Orensanz Foundation, on the lower east side.

The venue looks amazing, and I can’t believe I am lucky enough to be able to attend. I’ve had it on my calendar for months- but was unconvinced the reality would unfold. So, here’s where I’d like to extend a shout out to my Ex for agreeing to watch our son a couple of extra nights and enabling me to attend – “Thank You Paul!”

I have never practiced in a place of this size and beauty. It seems pretty spectacular. And the gathering itself promises to be “centering, rejuvenating, creative and stress dissolving.” and boasts accompaniment by some of the master drummers of NYC. The 6-hour Dynamic Vinyasa Flow and Movement Meditation is apparently designed for “for yogadventurers, vinyasa lovers, tantrics, bhaktas, and those who feel the power and limits with releasing around their breath, spirit, natural rhythm and joy.” I guess I fit into at least a couple of those categories.

Anyway, the challenge is progressing nicely, and I’m really jazzed up to bring it to New York. Thank you to those of you still following me on this journey – and a couple of you for joining up. I hope your personal yoga challenge is opening up new areas of awareness for you, just as mine is for me.

BTW, I just found a cute article my friend and teacher KB wrote on Elena. Seems I’m one of many who has “the crush”. And here’s a short Shiva video I’ve posted before, but is so worth sharing again. It makes me tingle.


Inter-diciplinary classes, prenatal yoga and the 60 day challenge continues

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Challenge Day Nine

First, a few announcements about classes and things, and then I want to get into talking about the challenge.

Sweat, Strengthen & Stretch

with Lisa, Stacey, Erin & Caitlin

Okay, if you haven’t heard about it already, I’m super excited to announce something really, really special. Lisa Wisentaner of the Nantucket Cycling Studio, Stacey Moran of Krav Maga Nantucket, Eric Shaw-Ranney of Nantucket Fitcamps and I are thrilled to offer you Nantucket’s first inter-disciplinary and inter-studio cross-training experience; incorporating cardio and strength training, interval training and plyometrics, core yoga fusion and introductory work in boxing and vinyasa yoga.

Have you always wanted to check out the Krav studio or The Yoga Room, but have been intimidated at the prospect of walking into a foreign situation? This is your chance to conquer that fear and check out THREE awesome and uniquely flavored local resources without any monthly membership fees or long-term commitments.
Sweat, Strengthen & Stretch will offer it’s clients a total mind-body workout packed into a dynamic 4 week session. With 4 classes a week, 4 differentinstructors and 4 different but complimentary approaches to physical health, no stone will be left unturned. Cost for 4 Weeks is $250. Schedule as follows, with detailed class description below.

Mondays at 5:15 a.m. OR 5:30 pm. Indoor Cycling with Lisa

Tuesdays at 5:15 a.m. OR 5:30 p.m. Interval training and intro to Boxing with Stacey

Thursdays at 5:15 a.m. OR 5:30 p.m. Functional Training with Erin

Fridays at 5:30 p.m. or Sundays 2:15 p.m.*  Intro to Core Yoga with Caitlin

*the morning sections of SS&S will be paired with my Sunday afternoon class

Sweat, Strengthen & Stretch will start Monday October 24th and run thru Friday November 18th. Space will be limited to 16 students.*Please register thru the Nantucket Cycling Studio’s website, by first creating an account, and then clicking on the “Events” tab. Payment is required to secure your spot.


The 60 Day Challenge Continued…

On a personal note, I’ve now made it 9 days in a row of practicing. Asana, that is. My original goal was to do at least 20 minutes a day, in any format possible (at home online, to a DVD, in a class, or completely on my own) in any way possible – asana, meditation, pranayama, mantra, study, etc. for 60 days in a row.

Well, I’m at day 9, and I’m feeling strong but sore as hell and a little emotional. My hips are tender, my hamstrings are tight and there’s a deep warmth between my shoulder blades that’s not completely comfortable. I’ve felt some big feelings, and they haven’t always been nice. But I’ve gotten thru the first week and have found myself really looking forward to my 20+ minutes of self-study each day.

On day 6, I taught a 2 hour vinyasa class, and in my personal practice, walked 4 miles. On day 7 I did my 20 minutes of vinyasa with Kathryn Budig on Yogaglow, and taught a 90 minute vinyasa class. And yesterday, day 8, I took Bettina’s 90 minute vinyasa class, and taught 3 hours of yoga.

There have been a number of personal dramas that have informed my practice along the way, making me work harder at times, or deeper and at times. And sometimes the dramas have really gotten in the way of a more grounded practice. On a couple of days, the drama has nearly forced me to give up.

My partner’s decision to leave the island for a second weekend in a row for business and pleasure felt a little challenging. The timing of the second trip felt off for a number of reasons I won’t go into here.  Let’s just say that our relationship is still in it’s toddler stages, and I’m not always the best communicating my insecurities. In any event, my heart was feeling pretty raw and the house felt lonely – especially when it was time for Griffin to return to his father’s house, and Saturday and Sunday night I was completely on my own again. My meditation practice was on the scattered side, and my insomnia was in full effect.

Then, on Sunday night, the 16th, Nantucket suffered a great loss, the loss of my friend and surrogate mother – Linda McDonough, my son’s other primary caregiver, and I felt thrown into the arms of grief for the third significant time in just a few years.

Griffin had been in Linda’s care since he was but an infant of 7 months old. I don’t think that, as a newly single mother, I would have been able to support myself and my son by returning to work in a present and meaningful way, had Linda not been able to take Griffin into her care.  Many, many wonderful things have been said, and will be said about Linda. She was an amazing woman. I’m not going to attempt to eulogize her here, that time will come, and many people will do it better than I. Suffice to say that I have learned more about being a parent from her in the last 16 months than anyone else in my life. Her support, encouragement and wisdom has been that of a Satguru सदगुरू. Invaluable.  She has taken care of many, many of Nantucket’s children. Her spirit will live on in their laughter, and her love in their smiles. My thoughts, prayers and love go out to Linda’s family at this very challenging time.

For the moment I feel a bit devastated, and the last couple of days of asana practice and meditation have been full of grief, sadness, and tears. I couldn’t wait for Burr to get home Monday morning, and to get my hands on my son again last night. I have spent most of the day hugging and kissing my little guy and telling him how much I love him.

Obviously the lesson here, and in any one’s parting, it how important it is to be grateful and appreciative of the beautiful things we have in our lives, when we have them, for we never know when they will move on.

Lokha Samastha Sukino Bavantu. 

May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.



And last but not least:

BEGINNING THIS WEEK: Fall Prenatal Yoga, Section Two

I am super excited to offer a second section to the Pre-natal class series I taught last month. The course will run for 4 consecutive weeks beginning next week, the exact time and date are still a little up in the air. Classes will either be on Sundays from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. or Mondays from 4:15 – 5:15 p.m. depending on the number of students able to attend either slot. Please e-mail me for further details, questions or concerns.

Summer Yoga on Nantucket


June 20th, 2011

Good Morning Yogis!

Happy Official start of Summer Yoga on Nantucket! In case you haven’t heard, today is the beginning of the new schedule at The Yoga Room and our TYR Annex space. Classes will now be held at both our Studio location (49 Fairgrounds Road) and our Annex (9 Amelia Drive- between what was  Cinco Restaurant and Windmill Family Dental). We have many new offerings including my new Monday night class Core Fusion– 45 minutes of inner and outer core strengthening! Please be sure to check out TYR’s new schedule here, and note that ALL of my classes will now be held at TYR Annex, which offers more space to flow, and more wall space to play against.

I’ve tried to design classes this summer which will all complement each other- focusing on different aspects of the practice. If you haven’t already, please check out the descriptions of Slow Flow, Core Fusion, Dynamic Flow and The Sunday Sadhana. Each class can certainly stand alone, but all 4 are meant to work together, bringing about balance and strength, focus and playfulness.

Things are getting busy, but I am still available for private yoga instruction & massage!

See you on the mat!


Flight of the Yoginis

Wednesday. June 15th, 2011

Nantucket, MA.

Dear Tribe,

My apologies for the long absence and lack of useful information. I still have high-hopes for adding onto the White Lotus Workshop page I’ve created for our September retreat, and sending out some additional info on some upcoming Yoga Room Master Classes… But the details of life have run a little wild, and I’ve been preoccupied by child-rearing, domestic projects, weddings, my massage work and most recently learning to fly.

This past weekend, my friends Sherry and Caroline  and I had the amazing fortune to study with the lovely and sweet Kathryn Budig at an intensive workshop at Kripalu. The workshop: Flight of the Yogi, focused on inversions and arm balances, and I am sore in places I dare say I have not felt before. It was amazing.

We did things I’ve had glimpses of- but have never attempted, other things I had done before, but never will confidence. Kathryn helped us navigate our way thru fancy transitions from tripod headstand into eka pada koundinyasana I, and moved us from  titibasana into bakasana and then urged us to jump back into chaturanga. There were headstands a million and one ways, forearm balances in various degrees of scorpion, and all sorts of approaches into handstand (my new favorite is a “press-up” into straddle handstand; which I managed but could not seem to finish with full vrksasana). The cannon of planned poses could have been easily intimidating- but Kathryn’s commitment was contagious, and her “Aim True” philosophy helped ameliorate our fears and free our hearts.

It had been a long time since I had done something “girly”. Not that balancing up-side-down is your typical dainty activity- but hanging out with Sherry, and our other friend Caroline, was really awesome. And though I missed Griffin and Billy, I am so grateful to have had the chance to share the weekend with the girls- both of whom are skilled yogini goddesses.

Caroline, Sherry, and Bliss CP2, Sherry & Bliss

It was hard saying good-bye to KB, to the girls, and to Kripalu. It will most likely be yet another year or more before I get a similar chance to escape, and devote 3 entire days to the practice of asana and self-care. But I’ll take what I can get (and be grateful for it at that). As I drove away from Kripalu on Sunday afternoon I felt sure that the bond I had forged with my sister yoginis and KB would last a long, long time.

Double Pincha with KB

So now that I’ve spent 9 or so hours standing on my hands, it’s time to bring the focus bACK to the studio here. The summer class schedule is about to launch (Monday, June 20th) and I have a new class to teach (Core Fusion), and a new location to teach it in (TYR’s Annex at 9 Amelia Drive). I’m excited to welcome our summer yogis and yoginis back, and hope that many of you will seek out our Annex space, and continue to practice with me there. (ALL of my classes will be at the ANNEX).

In addition to all our offerings at the Yoga Room & our Annex, there are many exciting things coming down the pike including the return of Andrei Ram for yet another amazing weekend of Self-Realization, two master classes with PranaFlow teacher Coral Brown, a workshop with Kevin and Dana Coutney from Kula Yoga in NYC, and VERY SPECIAL TREAT of a retreat with my teachers Ganga White & Tracey Rich- coming here to Nantucket all the way from The White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA. So keep yourselves up to date, and check The Yoga Room‘s website often.

Oh, and as per usual, please continue to send me your asana and musical requests… Not everything works well in class, but I love a little musical challenge!  You can e-mail me @

Until next time, remember.. there’s a karma camera everywhere.