Electric Flow Yoga with DJ HyFi


Caitlin teams up for the first with Philly-based DJ HyFi to bring you a blissful, musical movement benediction. Venturing out of her typical Tuesday home base at The Yoga Room, Caitlin will encourage students to go deeper into themselves by way of a silky smooth vinyasa flow practice as DJ HyFi layers on the deep ambient, electronic, DnB grooves to raise up your vibration. Don’t miss this chance to practice with live accompaniment and dig in deep. Tuesday night, September 18th 2012. 5:30-7:00pm in the Harbor View Room @ The Dreamland Theater (17 S. Water Street, Nantucket, MA

Yoga Meets Live DJ

There are many tools on the yogic path to aid and assist us in connecting to our true nature. From following the intuitive guidance of our heart to transforming and purifying the physical body through the practice of asana, these practices help us reveal the boundless potential and beauty that lie within and around us.

Nada yoga, the yoga of sound, is a powerful tool that we can utilize in this journey of expanding and deepening our awareness. It can help us to break through to feeling the inner wellspring of creativity and life force that we can often lose touch with throughout our day to day activities. The yogis were aware of the power of sound, long ago and used various instruments to produce tones that enhance their mediation and consciousness exploration.

Music, like everything on our planet is constantly evolving and finding new ways to express itself. With the number of genres and sub-genres that exist today, there are virtually limitless options for us to flavor our lives with. Our experience on the yoga mat can be deeply nourished with this ever expanding palette of sound. Like a collage artist combines images, a DJ weaves songs together, to create a larger experience. Combining the power of asana with the sonic tapestry created by a DJ, opens the door to a unique yogic journey.

We are currently holding 5 spots for students who have yet to pay. Please email me if you would like to be added to the WAIT LIST. I will open these spots up in the next couple of days if payments have not been collected. Please email me at caitlin@caitlinmarcoux.net

Om om om

97.7 ACK FM Interview with Sandy Walsh

Speaking up for Yoga on Nantucket

On August 15th, 2012, Caitlin stopped by the recording studio at 97.7 ACK FM, “Nantucket’s True Island Radio”, and was interviewed by Sandy Walsh, where she spoke about her career teaching yoga,  her role as The Yoga Room’s Workshop Producer and the most recent workshop she’s produced for TYR, Flight of the Yogi with Kathryn Budig. The 8 minute interview can be heard here: 97.7 ACK FM radio interview with Caitlin .

This is Sandy, very at home in Mission Control.