Live Strong. Feel Beautiful

Strong Girls Yoga for Tweens & Teens

Tuesdays @ The Yoga Room
$15 drop-in welcome. 

Today at SG Yoga I’ll be putting my old Yoga Journals to good use! Each student will get one magazine (picked for them based on their interests and personal goals) to look over and get inspired by. Next week I’ll ask them to share one pose from their YJ magazine that moved them and riff on why, then we’ll go around in a circle and break each pose down in stages. It’s a really fun assignment, and can help demystify the trickier looking poses y making them accessible at a beginner’s level. Not only is this fun, but it’s really empowering.

Yoga Journal Magazines

Then we’ll be incorporating last week’s home work assignment into our flow practice, and hold space for some of the self-esteem issues that may or may not come up in our post-flow discussion.

SG HW week oneI am so honored to be working with these amazing young women. If only I had started a yoga practice at their age!

Live Strong. Feel Beautiful!

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