Sweet N’ Low Yoga Flow: May 4th, 2014

Sunday, 2-4pm
Eyes of the World 
Providence, RI.

 Sweet N' Low Yoga Flow
$35 by Fri Jan 24
$45 by Jan 25


Electric Love Charity Class: Thursday March 27th

Thursday, March 27th, 2014
The Dreamland Film & Performing Arts Center
Studio Theatre
Nantucket, MA. 02554

Electric Love


Nantucket, MA – Yoga teacher Caitlin Marcoux, local DJ Pete Ahern, Brooklyn artist Craig Anthony Miller and special guest Clay Twombly team up to offer Nantucket yoga students an evening of visual and auditory inspiration sponsored by the Dreamland Film & Performing Arts Center and Verde Nantucket Green Build.

This 2 hour yoga and meditation practice will feature live music by Ahern and virtual streaming of impromptu graffiti art created by Miller specifically for the event.

Marcoux, who was diagnosed with breast cancer last March, is extremely excited to give back in this way to PASCON, where she has attended monthly cancer support groups and individual counseling. All four artists have been effected by cancer and feel passionately about supporting organizations such as PASCON who work tirelessly to care for those in need. Palliative & Supportive Care of Nantucket is a specialized health care program dedicated to providing excellent physical, psychological, social, and spiritual care for persons with life-threatening illness and their families.

This yoga practice will be mixed-level. All yogis, regardless of number of years practicing, are encouraged to participate. Please bring your own yoga mats and props.

Tickets here:


Originally published on elephantjournal.com 
December 20, 2012
Caitlin Marcoux, Yoga teacher, writer

Shit Happens.

There have been many times in my life when I have felt grounded and strong, confident and full. I’ve had important jobs and respectable earnings. I’ve had fulfilling friendships and passionate romances. I’ve had critical acclaim, glowing reviews, approved applications and positive survey feedback. There have even been times in my life when I’ve had all of these things simultaneously and have felt a deep sense of fulfillment from both within and beyond. I’ve liked where I was, who I was and what I was doing. I was enough.

But my late 20s were a tumultuous time. I left my life in New York City after 9/11 after an 8 year stint in Brooklyn, and moved to Chicago. While I was there, my best friend died suddenly and inexplicably back home. We were 25. When I was 27, my boyfriend of 2 years and husband of one month was diagnosed with a rare cancer and died 8 weeks later. I was grief-stricken and bereft. Self-doubt crept into my heart and my I’m-going-to-take-on-the-world self-confidence dried up. A few months after Aaron’s death, I found myself snorting cocaine off the back of a toilet in a dive bar in Chicago and severe self-loathing took hold. I made some half-hearted attempts to get back onto my mat, but lost, I found myself spending more time drinking in a toxic relationship than practicing yoga with my friends.

Three years later, fleeing from Chicago, I returned to my hometown and rushed into a second marriage, still full of grief over the last one.  My self-esteem plummeted when just shy of 2 years, that marriage ended divorce, and for a myriad of reasons I began to think myself simply unworthy of true happiness, love, or santosha (contentment).

Then in late 2010 I found myself unexpectedly falling in love again, and the hole in my heart that I had been trying to plug since Aaron’s death felt temporarily full. Of course, it wasn’t long after the flush of fresh love began to calm, that I started to doubt my worth again. Inevitably the high wore off and the emptiness and doubt returned. I started to worry that my new partner didn’t think I was smart enough, successful enough or spiritually evolved enough. I began to judge myself through the harshest of lenses: I didn’t meditate enough. I hadn’t traveled enough. I  wasn’t a global activist. Blah, blah, blah…I stopped talking at dinner parties, and began resenting people for their own exciting stories, careers, adventures and vacations. I began to believe I didn’t have enough to offer my partner, my students, my son or my friends.

I doubt that this is a unique experience. Change the details and substitute names and locations, and any number of people I’ve met in recent years could plug themselves into this story. We’re human. We make mistakes. Shit happens and then we’re faced with choices. Sometimes we make good choices, some times we don’t. If we’re lucky, there are teachers near by who can guide us, or friends who can help us, or family members who can support us.

This time I had my yoga practice to guide me, so in the summer when the doubt started to choke me up again, I made a pact with myself. I would believe myself worthy of being enough. My yoga practice bore witness to this promise, and there was an almost immediate shift. I realized that through the same diligence I was applying to asana I could dedicate myself to the practice of of worthiness.

We can all do this practice. So often we put our faith in external things; belief systems, iconography, cultural identity, religion, and science. Why not instead or in addition to, put our focus on ourselves and start cultivating faith in our own worthiness. Let’s start believing that we are enough. When we do the world opens it arms to us, and love and compassion envelop us. When we love ourselves, faults and all, we are more lovable to other and we can bravely love others right back.

We are more than our past failed relationships, our divorces and losses. We are more than our up-in-the-middle-of-the-night worries. We are not our traumas, we are survivors. We are full of stories that don’t end badly. And even the ones that do, are stories we can choose not to run from, but to learn from.  We are capable, loving imperfectly perfect compassionate beings. When I started believe this (and it’s still not every day) I began to see that I am – and you are- more rich in beautiful experiences than tragic ones. Let’s start identifying ourselves more with the former than with the later.

When you doubt it. Say it out loud. Write it down. Stare at it. And believe it.

You are enough.

You are enough.

You are enough.


IMG_2030Caitlin is a yoga teacher, workshop producer, mother, dancer, healer, and writer. She is nationally certified in massage therapy and has been studying yoga on and off for over 13 years. A former modern dancer, she fuses her passion for music and modern dance with yoga; keeping her flow creative, playful and fresh. Caitlin lives on the  tiny Island of Nantucket, MA. year-round with her partner and 3 year-old satguru Griffin, where she is an advocate of prenatal yoga, natural childbirth, midwifery, elegant tattoos, rockin’ music and eating like you give a damn. She teaches regularly at The Yoga Room and has recently begun teaching workshops in the greater New England area. Caitlin blogs about her practice on and off the mat on her website, www.caitlinmarcoux.net and you can find her on Facebook and Twitter 


DJ Pete Ahern & Caitlin Marcoux rock the Dreamland

Electric Flow Yoga

The Dreamland Film & Performing Arts Center

Tuesday December 4th, 2012

Caitlin teams with locally renowned DJ Pete Ahern of Audio Architects  to bring you a blissful, electrifying vinyasa flow class.Peter and Caitlin grew up together on the island, and shouldered the triumphs and challenges of Nantucket High School, small town life, and the unique experience of living 30 miles out to sea. Now all grown up, Caitlin  & Peter both enjoy Island living once again; each with a 3-year old son (Griffin & Jocob) only two weeks apart  in age.

In this, their first collaborative effort, they will invite you to celebrate your Nantucket Roots – whether you’ve had them for 100 years or 5 and explore your connection to your local community through movement and music.  What better location to do this than heart of downtown Nantucket, in the  reinvented space at the Dreamland Film & Performing Arts Center.

Students will be encouraged to go deeper into themselves by way of a silky smooth vinyasa flow practice as DJ Pete lays down  the deep ambient, electronic, DnB grooves to raise up your vibration. Don’t miss this chance to practice with live accompaniment and dig in deep.

Tuesday, December 4th 2012

The Harbor View Room @ The Dreamland Theater
(17 S. Water Street, Nantucket, MA)

Gorilla Graffiti Yoga on Nantucket

Video Blog

We did this back in June. It was going to be an on-going project, but like many ideas or intentions, burned brightly and then faded away. The summer waxed and then waned  – and now I find myself with the extra time necessary for organizing and editing. With not many poignant things to say this evening, I thought it might be best simply to video blog, rather than force some ink to paper. This is not a perfect practice –  just a moment in time. Many thanks to my sister Ariel Marcoux and my friend and student Patricia Dolloff, for going along with the gorilla style Throw-Your-Mat-Down-and-Flow adventure.

Om. om. om.

Three Flow Pt. Two

April-May, 2012

and of course, there was a “Three Flow” part one… it’s below.

Three Flow

March 11, 2012

The Fall 2012 60-Day Yoga Challenge

Day Eleven.

Blah. I don’t want to practice yoga. Not today anyway.I’m sore. I’m tired. And I think I’m getting my toddler’s cold. I’d actually like nothing more than to crawl into Alison Alpert’s jacuzzi, and stay there for several days. But I have to practice.

Why? Well, it has something to do with discipline. A little to do with fortitude. Something to do with clarity. And a lot to do with dedication. It’s about seeing something through; setting a goal and attaining it. It’s about practicing for 60 days in a row; even on the days I don’t want to.  Yoga is good for me – it’s good for you too.  Just like flossing your teeth (though admittedly, I don’t do that every day, but I aspire to). And with or without a set “challenge” the equation is pretty simple: on the days I don’t practice I’m not as nice. I’m not as nice to my son. I’m not as nice to my partner. I’m not as nice to the person behind the check out counter at the Stop n’ Shop, and I’m certainly not as nice to myself.

In any event, I gave myself this challenge – and now I have to see it through. So despite the fact that I’m spent from last night’s adventures in yogic spinning (thanks DJ HyFi) and two margaritas at Corazon del Mar (thanks Kristen Kellogg) I’m going to meditate and do a little asana.

I cut this short video of my practice the other day  at The Yoga Room- to help keep me motivated. That was day six.


September 14, 2012

Electric Flow Yoga with DJ HyFi


Caitlin teams up for the first with Philly-based DJ HyFi to bring you a blissful, musical movement benediction. Venturing out of her typical Tuesday home base at The Yoga Room, Caitlin will encourage students to go deeper into themselves by way of a silky smooth vinyasa flow practice as DJ HyFi layers on the deep ambient, electronic, DnB grooves to raise up your vibration. Don’t miss this chance to practice with live accompaniment and dig in deep. Tuesday night, September 18th 2012. 5:30-7:00pm in the Harbor View Room @ The Dreamland Theater (17 S. Water Street, Nantucket, MA

Yoga Meets Live DJ

There are many tools on the yogic path to aid and assist us in connecting to our true nature. From following the intuitive guidance of our heart to transforming and purifying the physical body through the practice of asana, these practices help us reveal the boundless potential and beauty that lie within and around us.

Nada yoga, the yoga of sound, is a powerful tool that we can utilize in this journey of expanding and deepening our awareness. It can help us to break through to feeling the inner wellspring of creativity and life force that we can often lose touch with throughout our day to day activities. The yogis were aware of the power of sound, long ago and used various instruments to produce tones that enhance their mediation and consciousness exploration.

Music, like everything on our planet is constantly evolving and finding new ways to express itself. With the number of genres and sub-genres that exist today, there are virtually limitless options for us to flavor our lives with. Our experience on the yoga mat can be deeply nourished with this ever expanding palette of sound. Like a collage artist combines images, a DJ weaves songs together, to create a larger experience. Combining the power of asana with the sonic tapestry created by a DJ, opens the door to a unique yogic journey.

We are currently holding 5 spots for students who have yet to pay. Please email me if you would like to be added to the WAIT LIST. I will open these spots up in the next couple of days if payments have not been collected. Please email me at caitlin@caitlinmarcoux.net

Om om om