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November 3, 2011
Nantucket, MA.
Challenge Day 23 of 60

Word Up Tribe,

A few of you have asked for the most recent playlists from my Tuesday evening Dynamic Vinyasa classes at The Yoga Room – so here we go. Have at it; here are the playlists from October 25th and November 1st.

I’m always looking for new stuff- so please keep sending suggestions via email or Facebook.

Don’t forget this Saturday’s – YOGATHON! At The Yoga Room. Donation yoga classes ALL DAY LONG. That’s right – FREE yoga ALL DAY LONG. The proceeds of this awesome event will all go to help support our dear friend Clay Twombly, and his family. Shannah will be up from Providence. There’ll be Partner Yoga with Bettina & Clay, and I’ll be teaching a Slow Flow practice to close out the days’ events. Hope to see you there. Here’s the 411:



Ps. the challenge continues; today marks 23 days of consecutive days of practice. om. om. om.

YogLa: day one

Saturday. February 26th, 2011

5 am. (west coast time)

We left Nantucket on Thursday (24 Feb 11); a sunny but chilly winter day. Hopping over the Sound on a Island Air flight, and arriving in Hyannis, I was reminded again how lucky we are to live where we do. Hyannis: not a pretty place. Burr charmed the older woman working the Hertz counter, and moments later we were zipping up to Boston on rt. 3. We stopped off in Beacon Hill for a quick visit with my family  before checking into the Oh-So-Glamorous Logan Airport Hilton.

While Burr returned the car to Hertz, our bell man, John B., and I took our bags up the room. “Lucky Number Five”  he said with swagger, at least 4 times. John (a fit and friendly 60 years old) was feeling very chatty, especially for 9 pm., and asked me where we were from, where we were going and what we were doing. When I told him we were on our way to LA to study yoga, he nodded knowingly, and told me he could tell we were “cool people”. He said he had inferred this from our luggage (Patagonia), and pointed to our yoga mats (strapped to the outside of said luggage), and the two boxes of new shoes we were carrying (Simple), made from sustainable materials. I was flattered by the description. A mother of two small children, I’m often covered in baby drool, and food particles. Some days I’m lucky to get a decent shower in, and let’s face it- I pretty much live in a spandex-lycra blend. I don’t usually feel very cool.

John asked what I did “out in Nantucket”, and I told him I was/am a yoga teacher. This opened up a remarkable conversation about the practice- and I ended up giving John my card, and telling him about our family B&B (The Nesbitt Inn). Studying yoga on Nantucket sounded good to him – something “he’s always wanted to try”. He’s retired after all, and owns several houses. He doesn’t need to work. He’s at the Hilton to keep busy and to meet people, and to have conversations much like the one we were having. So who knows, perhaps we’ll see John again. I wouldn’t be surprised.

For someone about to embark on a pretty exciting trip, I slept incredible well. We got up at 6:30 a.m. and headed to the airport. Burr’s charm, disarming warmth, and Tweed jacket, came in handy once again, when we circumnavigated the 2-hour plus wait at the baggage check-in, and were led to cub-side check-in by a more than happy to help older woman. (Older ladies LOVE Burr).

What could have been a stressful process quickly ameliorated into an enjoyable and exciting process of making our way to the gate. We had just enough time to fire off a few e-mails, including one to my teacher Coral Brown, who is one of Shiva Rea’s  PranaFlow teachers. Coral had suggested some time ago that we send her a photo of ourselves, that she could then forward to Shiva, as a gentle reminder of who we were. (Though I have now taken Shiva’s YTTs and several workshops with her I’m under no illusion that she’ll remember me- although it would be nice to connect on a more personal level).

We boarded the plane with a huge group of tourists from Quebec, all busy speaking in rapid-fire French… and off we went!

The flight was nearly 8 hours long, due to some nasty wind- and though I struggled to get comfortable, the excitement of my first trip (sans children) in two years carried me through the long commute with little issue. We landed at LAX at 1:30 Pacific time, took the shuttle to Fox Rent-a-Car, and were on the 405 headed North towards Santa Monica in no time. The very first thing we did? We found a chiropractor.

Burr got a tip from his friend Joan, and we jumped off the highway just short of Venice. By 3:30 we were signing into a “Stress Free Zone” at The Life Center, and being asked to take our shoes off. There were patients rolling around on the floor and using the complimentary cervical traction wall. Apparently it was time to let go of my salty sarcastic New England edge. It was clear from that moment that we were in California.

There were Tibetan prayer flags hanging in the corner, and books about yoga everywhere. Dr. Jeremy came and introduced himself, did a quick intake, and in a few minutes, I found myself getting my first ever cervical x-ray. Then we heard all about the disk degeneration between my C-2 and C-3 and my C-7 and T-1 vertebrae that I never knew I had. (fun stuff)

Dr. Jeremy Brook gave me a thorough adjustment and talked to us about the LA Yoga scene. He told me I had a reverse curvature in my cervical neck, and that while Pincha Mayurasana (forearm stand) and Adho Muka Vrksasana (handstand) were fine, Sirsasana (headstand) was not. This would be okay with me if I still didn’t feel like the only person in California without a consistent handstand practice! In any event, the guy was amazing.



As it turns out Dr. Jeremy is engaged to be married to a yogini named Jo Tastula. She teaches at Exhale here in Venice, and he’s friends with Kathryn Budig. He also teaches anatomy to Erich Shiffmann’s students during his YTT. He likes vinyasa yoga.

Did I mention what a great adjustment he gave me? Ahhh……..

Anyway, after getting put back together, Burr and I checked into our new home, The Cactus Flower. It’s a carbon-free studio cottage, set off Lincoln Avenue- one of Venice’s main drags. It’s everything we had hoped it would be. Perhaps more. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone so instantly at home as Burr was yesterday afternoon.  The place is ultra Mod and super swanky. The shag rugs and (repro) Eames lounge chair might as well have been pulled out of his ideal living room.

Starving we thumbed through the Cactus Flower take-out menu binder, but decided to venture into Santa Monica for a more substantial meal. California boasts a large array of vegetarian, vegan and raw cuisine and I realized pretty quickly that this first meal would be a great opportunity to get on the dietary good foot so to speak. In March of 2009 I stopped in Santa Monica on my way to my YTT at White Lotus in Santa Barbara. My first night in CA my friend Becky took me to what was then called Juliano’s, now called Planet Raw. I knew this would be right up Burr’s alley, so off we went.

I hadn’t planned it that way, but some how on my first night back in California nearly two years to the date, I ended up at the same restaurant, seated at the same table, in the very same chair. The big difference? This time I was sharing the experience with a partner.

About an hour and a half later, Burr and I emerged from raw food Heaven and found ourselves in the thick of the Venice Yoga Scene. It was 8 p.m. Pacific time, but 11 at home. I was wrecked from a day of travel and no sleep, but I had signed us up for a Kirtan at Exhale; a special Birthday Celebration for Shiva Rea, with emerging Kirtan artist C.C. White, and there was no way we were going to miss it.

Ok, so being judgmental is human… but yogis work towards being non-judgmental, and I really do try my best. Keeping that in mind, I still couldn’t help but assess the other Kirtan goers in all their freaky Bhakti glory. I have never seen so many exhuberant and colorful tribespeople. There were characters from all walks of life in that studio- and they all drank the Kool-Aid, man.


Burr and I gave it our best shot. We clapped to the beat, did some call and response, and even got up and swayed to the music. It was fun. It was interesting- but I can’t say I felt the divine channeling through me. Maybe I was jet lagged. Maybe I was just exhausted. Don’t get me wrong, I love Shiva… and I do love a good Kirtan- but after a few songs, it was time to call it a day. If you can stomach watching another poorly filmed clip, check out the one below. We call it “Burr’s Not Sure”…


We took off early, stopped by the BIGGEST Whole Foods Market I’ve ever had the pleasure to cruise, and went home.

Today is another day, with a whole host of exciting things to choose from. We’re thinking Santa Monica Farmer’s Market, AcroYoga and perhaps a Celtics/Clippers’ game. Yee haw Yogla!




Dig In Deep: Eminemasana

Tuesday. February 8th, 2011

Nantucket, MA.

Isn’t there something about a good struggle that just pumps you up? You hear a story about someone or something overcoming the odds; it’s a real life anicdote, something you hear at the checkout counter in the grocery store, a friend’s personal narrative, a great rise-up-against-the-man blockbuster film, the history of a people, a culture, maybe even a city. There’s a buzzing that happens on a cellular level. As the story unfolds, and the underdog becomes the champion, your heart starts to thump, blood rushes into your ears. You become invested. You dig in. Maybe there’s a soundtrack. Maybe there’s one good song that starts to carry the protagonist through her difficulties. A beat that tells her, just one more try. Just one more breath…

The movie 8 Mile was like that. It was the perfect Underdog Rises Out of the Trenches story. It drew us in and with the help of Eminem’s brilliant soundtrack and it hooked us. Chrysler did it again on Sunday night, when it aired it’s “Motor City” Super Bowl add for the new Chrysler 200. Chrysler took 8 Mile’s Grammy winning song Lose Yourself, and footage of a struggling Detroit City, and successful evoked the same feelings we had for Eminem’s character Rabbit,  for the city of Detroit herself. If you haven’t seen it- take a moment now. I promise, it’s worth it.


As I was watching the add (and not so much the Super Bowl), I was reminded of the power a great song can have; the way a single baseline or beat can push you deeper into the moment, drive you longer, take you farther. The song Lose Yourself is a perfect example. It has such power.

Come play with this musical magic tonight. Our vinyasa practice this evening will be built around the idea that sometimes, when circumstances are hard, and it becomes difficult to detach from the external drama, a good song is all you need. It can help you find the breath. It can ground you in the moment. It can help you rise above.


Caitlin’s Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Tuesday nights at The Yoga Room. 5:30-7:00 p.m.
Breathe.                              Flow.                         Connect.

February Flow: Yoga on Nantucket


February 1, 2011

Dear Tribe,

Jai yogis! Happy February 1st! I hope you are all cozy and warm on this early, snowy Tuesday morning. I am sitting at my desk, looking out at the beautiful soft flakes passing by my two big desk windows, enjoying a cup of my one and only vice; coffee, and organizing my thoughts for tonight’s Vinyasa Flow class. As some of you know by now, I’ve been trying to cultivate a different awareness and focus for each of my regularly scheduled classes- and looking for input from students via my Facebook page, text or email. I’ve been slowing Monday nights down a bit, teaching a few classes around specific chakras, dedicating Sunday morning’s 2-hr flow to a more complete 8-limbed path practice (hoping to focus on pranyama, asana, pratyahara, dhyana, and dharana), and have been leaving Tuesday night’s up for vigorous asana practice. Saturday’s bi-monthly Asana Clinic has been working well as a themed class; and it’s been interesting for me, as a teacher, to focus on working an entire 90-minute practice around single themes like horizontal alignment, heart opening, inversions, mula bandha, and cultivating lunar flow energy.

I want to thank you all for your continued dedication and hard work, and supporting me as I continue down the path of becoming a better student & teacher. I could not do it without you!

In other news: I am very excited to share that Burr & I will be traveling to Venice Beach and Santa Monica, CA to study with our teachers at the end of the month. We’re leaving Nantucket on Thursday the 24th for Boston, (maybe taking a class at Back Bay Yoga that evening) and will land in LA on Friday the 25th. I’ll be returning to Boston on the 4th, and will be back teaching in Nantucket by Monday March 7th.The wonderful Clay Twombly will be subbing most of my classes at The Yoga Room and The Nantucket Health Club while I’m away. Check TYR’s website for any last  minute changes with the sub schedule and/or any cancelations notices.

It’s my hope to blog about our experiences in LA as they unfold; and to write about the different studios and teachers Burr and I will be studying with. Our plan, as it exists right now, is to take class with my teacher Shiva Rea and Burr’s teacher Seane Corn at Exhale in Venice, Brock Cahill at Yogis Anonymous, Steve Ross at Maha Yoga, maybe Bryan Kest at Santa Monica Power Yoga, and perhaps Kathryn Budig at YogaWorks. Got any insider tips on teachers you have taken yoga with in LA, great spots to surf, eat, or hang out? please share below! The more local insight we have the better.

Below you’ll find my most current schedule. Feel free to contact me with additional class ideas, asanas you wish to explore or simply feedback- it’s all welcome! Above all else, continue to enjoy and embody the flow. Jai yogis!

Love & Light,


Caitlin’s Flow Classes

Now through Wednesday February 23rd

Monday mornings

8:15-9:35 a.m. Mixed Level

(February 6th, 13th, 20th)

@ The Yoga Room


Monday nights

5:30-7:00 p.m. Slow Flow

@ The Yoga Room


Tuesday nights

5:30-7:00 p.m. Vinyasa Flow

@ The Yoga Room

Wednesday mornings

8:15-9:35 a.m. Mixed Level Hatha

@ The Yoga Room


Saturday evening

5:30-7:00 Asana Clinic

(February 12th only)

@ The Yoga Room

Sunday mornings

9:00-11:00 a.m. Sunday Sadhana

@ The Yoga Room


Sunday afternoons

4:00-5:15 p.m. Mixed Level Hatha

@ The Nantucket Health Club

Yoga Art – Watercolor and Ink
paintings by Chris Carter

It is only with the heart that we can see clearly.
For what is essential, is hidden from the eyes.

– The Little Prince

hip-hop vinyasa flow

as many of you know, I was in Boston for a week last month, and had the chance to take a number of classes at Back Bay Yoga. they have a regularly scheduled class called hip-hop yoga, which has quickly become one of their most popular classes. the few I got to take were JAM packed: 60-70 students inverting and twisting to the likes of MJ, Justin, and Gaga, and I took one class with the lovely Goldie Kaufenberg that totally rocked my world. it was such an out-of-the-box and joyful experience to practice yoga to the push and pull of hip-hop that I found myself working deeper into my asana practice in a way that felt easy. I nearly always have fun when in the flow, no matter the soundtrack, but the novelty of flowing to hip-hop and rap was exciting and uplifting. so in that spirit, I would like to invite you to practice tonight, tuesday january 18th, to a special hip-hop playlist- and we’ll see if we can’t recreate my Back Bay experience. as always, I welcome your feedback.

Om shanti,


dub it down

Hi Tribe,

Below you’ll find the playlist from last night’s Slow Flow Monday vinyasa class. After this posts been up for a few days, I’ll move it into the playlist page. For me dub music & yoga go together like PB&J. Let me know what you think!

Om Shanti,




Slow Flow Monday’s Playlist: January 10th, 2010

Spoony Bill by Roots Combination Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions

You Are We Am I (Blue Mix) by TJ Rehmi

Orion by Bill Laswell & Jah Wobble Radioaxiom

Dil Mai Durad by TJ Rehmi

One God Dub by Kaya Project

Elephant (Dub Mix) by Spiral System & Lottie Child

Hey Diwani, Hey Diwana by The Dum Dum Project

Punjabi Five-0 by Dum Dum Project

It Ain’t Necessarily Evil by Mungolian Jetset

On the Dub-ble by DJ Krush

Kali Maheshwari by Tantra remix

You Are We Am I by TJ Rehmi The Warm Chill

Devotional Rap by Shiva Mantra

The Warm Chill by TJ Rehmi

Subcode by Bill Laswell & Jah Wobble

Begin and End by Dub Tractor Hideout