rasafication in pranahatten: OM

Monday, November 7th, 2011
Nantucket, MA.
Challenge Day 27, 33 days to go…

Tonight will be my last day of teaching until Friday’s Sweat, Strengthen & Stretch class. As I’ve posted before, Burr and I are headed down to NYC for a few days of work & play. Bettina will be subbing for my Dynamic Flow tomorrow night at TYR – so tonight’s practice will be a combination of  Slow & Dynamic flows (5:30-7:00 p.m.).

Tomorrow I hope to take class with Elena Brower at Virayoga at noon, and then will be with the PranaFlow Goddess (Shiva, shiva, shiva) herself from 3-9 p.m. Wednesday I’m hoping to get over to Kula to take class with Schuyler Grant – and then, if I have any energy left, I might head over to Sonic Yoga (where I have a pass for a free class) in the late afternoon.

I hope to see a few old friends while in town, and of course to eat. New York is heaven for foodies… Angelica Kitchen here we come.

Stay tuned to see if I survive  tomorrow’s 7.5 hours of yoga… Bring on day 28!


loving the ladies

“Ring the bells that still can ring

Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack in everything

That’s how the light gets in.”

~Leonard Cohen


The 60 Day Yoga Challenge, Day 22
Just home from Susan’s Vinyasa Flow class at The Yoga Room
Nantucket, MA.
नमस्ते Namaste Tribe,

Happy First of November! Can you believe Halloween has come and gone, and Tofurkeys and Recycled Tinsel are quickly approaching? It’s time to stoke the wood stove, roast root vegetables, get out the apple cider and put on the leg warmers!

For our little clan the November-December holiday season means lots of extended family dinners at the Inn, Thanksgiving in North Carolina, a holiday visit from my Left Coast sister, Grey, trimming a tree with my partner for the first time in our new home, and a number of big birthdays. My Dad is 63 on November 6th. Griffin is turning 2 next month, and I’m turning 35, okay- that’s a little yikes, but still kind of fun.  I just love this time of year.

There’s a chill in the air at The Yoga Room – but it’s a great an excuse to turn up the heat. Now that we’re dealing with record breaking chills, early snow falls in Boston, it’s time to pack away the Lulu capris, and dig out the good ol’ Groove Pants.  Recently, I’ve had to arrive at the studio at least 30 minutes before the start of class to take the nip out of the air and warm up the hard wood floor. After teaching last night, I forgot to take my yoga mat out of my car. When I rolled it out on the studio floor this morning it fused to the wood like a tongue on a flag pole.

But upward and onward. Put your layers on, and join the warming vinyasa fun. The new schedule is out at TYR, and though our class offerings have been paired down- Paul, Bettina, Clay and Susan and I are still here- happy to give you a loving space to get your Sangha on!

Assuming I can make it to November 10th, I will have hit the one-month mark of my 60 day yoga challenge next week, and that feels pretty significant. So to celebrate, I’m going down to NYC next Tuesday for a 2 night yoga getaway. I’m hoping to spend part of Day 29 with Elena Brower and take her 12 o’clock class at her studio Virayoga in SoHo, and the rest of the day with my teacher Shiva Rea! On Day 30 I hope to stop off in Providence on our return, and take class with my mentor, Shannah Green at Eyes of The World.

Having practiced fairly religiously over the last three weeks with Elena, I am super excited to meet her in person. As luck would have it, she’ll be at her studio next week, before taking off for various yoga appearances. So I feel like the uni-verse is working with me this week. Ahhhh, ommm…. To think I might be able to take class with Elena, and then Shiva; two of my Yoga Crushes, in the same day, is nearly more than I can bear!

Not including the intensive teacher training I did with Shiva at Kripalu in 2009, this will mark the 4th time I have been able to practice with Ms Rea. On Tuesday afternoon and well into the evening, Shiva will be teaching a full-throttle, Prana Flow Temple of Rasa event, sponsored by Sonic Yoga, which will be held at the Angel Orensanz Foundation, on the lower east side.

The venue looks amazing, and I can’t believe I am lucky enough to be able to attend. I’ve had it on my calendar for months- but was unconvinced the reality would unfold. So, here’s where I’d like to extend a shout out to my Ex for agreeing to watch our son a couple of extra nights and enabling me to attend – “Thank You Paul!”

I have never practiced in a place of this size and beauty. It seems pretty spectacular. And the gathering itself promises to be “centering, rejuvenating, creative and stress dissolving.” and boasts accompaniment by some of the master drummers of NYC. The 6-hour Dynamic Vinyasa Flow and Movement Meditation is apparently designed for “for yogadventurers, vinyasa lovers, tantrics, bhaktas, and those who feel the power and limits with releasing around their breath, spirit, natural rhythm and joy.” I guess I fit into at least a couple of those categories.

Anyway, the challenge is progressing nicely, and I’m really jazzed up to bring it to New York. Thank you to those of you still following me on this journey – and a couple of you for joining up. I hope your personal yoga challenge is opening up new areas of awareness for you, just as mine is for me.

BTW, I just found a cute article my friend and teacher KB wrote on Elena. Seems I’m one of many who has “the crush”. And here’s a short Shiva video I’ve posted before, but is so worth sharing again. It makes me tingle.


zip up your legs

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Men are not free when they are doing just what they like. Men are only free when they are doing what the deepest self likes. And There is getting down to the deepest self! It takes some diving.

D.H. Lawrence

It’s day 10 of my 60 day yoga challenge. I’m not loving every minute of it, but I’m definitely getting “down into my deep(er) self”. This, I think, is the not so pretty part; the digging in, the unveiling of the not-so-perfect parts. At this stage in the game I simply do not have the tenacity to stick my standing poses, hold my handstands for very long, or lift my heart to the sky in urdhva danurasana without out my arms shaking. But in this fatigue, I’m finding softness…

Today’s Yogaglow practice with Elena Brower, cast a certain irony on this cumulative process, by focusing on softening even more. The 60 minute vinyasa class was all about grounding into the lower body and really, I mean REALLY, keeping the upper body soft. It’s actually a lot more difficult than it sounds. For example, she asked us to step back into the widest lung possible and then straighten our front leg, as if going into Hanumanasana, but not to extend into it, to hover above it. And to then zip up the lines of energy in our legs; making them as active as humanly possible. Then she told us to relax our upper bodies, completely. I cannot explain how truly difficult this was. Feel free to insert the metaphor of your choice here… something about staying grounded in your self, while opening up to others, softly…  that of course, is the point.

So thanks Elena. It was a good one today. I like you. I really do. I think I’m supposed to come study with you, eventually. It would be awesome if the universe brings us together.

I’m super grateful there are so many skilled teachers out there willing to step up to the high-tech plate. I’m learning so much about my practice with the help of these online classes. And between the 1 or 2 live classes I get to attend a week, teaching 4-6 times a week, the intuitive flow of my home practice, and the classes online, I feel like I’m really learning a lot in a very condensed amount of time. It’s like my own personal 2 month long retreat- only in my own home, with my kid around. It may not be Kripalu, but it’s pretty great… and you know what? You can do it too. If you want to. I’d support you.

Ten days down.. Only 50 left to go!


Inter-diciplinary classes, prenatal yoga and the 60 day challenge continues

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Challenge Day Nine

First, a few announcements about classes and things, and then I want to get into talking about the challenge.

Sweat, Strengthen & Stretch

with Lisa, Stacey, Erin & Caitlin

Okay, if you haven’t heard about it already, I’m super excited to announce something really, really special. Lisa Wisentaner of the Nantucket Cycling Studio, Stacey Moran of Krav Maga Nantucket, Eric Shaw-Ranney of Nantucket Fitcamps and I are thrilled to offer you Nantucket’s first inter-disciplinary and inter-studio cross-training experience; incorporating cardio and strength training, interval training and plyometrics, core yoga fusion and introductory work in boxing and vinyasa yoga.

Have you always wanted to check out the Krav studio or The Yoga Room, but have been intimidated at the prospect of walking into a foreign situation? This is your chance to conquer that fear and check out THREE awesome and uniquely flavored local resources without any monthly membership fees or long-term commitments.
Sweat, Strengthen & Stretch will offer it’s clients a total mind-body workout packed into a dynamic 4 week session. With 4 classes a week, 4 differentinstructors and 4 different but complimentary approaches to physical health, no stone will be left unturned. Cost for 4 Weeks is $250. Schedule as follows, with detailed class description below.

Mondays at 5:15 a.m. OR 5:30 pm. Indoor Cycling with Lisa

Tuesdays at 5:15 a.m. OR 5:30 p.m. Interval training and intro to Boxing with Stacey

Thursdays at 5:15 a.m. OR 5:30 p.m. Functional Training with Erin

Fridays at 5:30 p.m. or Sundays 2:15 p.m.*  Intro to Core Yoga with Caitlin

*the morning sections of SS&S will be paired with my Sunday afternoon class

Sweat, Strengthen & Stretch will start Monday October 24th and run thru Friday November 18th. Space will be limited to 16 students.*Please register thru the Nantucket Cycling Studio’s website, by first creating an account, and then clicking on the “Events” tab. Payment is required to secure your spot.


The 60 Day Challenge Continued…

On a personal note, I’ve now made it 9 days in a row of practicing. Asana, that is. My original goal was to do at least 20 minutes a day, in any format possible (at home online, to a DVD, in a class, or completely on my own) in any way possible – asana, meditation, pranayama, mantra, study, etc. for 60 days in a row.

Well, I’m at day 9, and I’m feeling strong but sore as hell and a little emotional. My hips are tender, my hamstrings are tight and there’s a deep warmth between my shoulder blades that’s not completely comfortable. I’ve felt some big feelings, and they haven’t always been nice. But I’ve gotten thru the first week and have found myself really looking forward to my 20+ minutes of self-study each day.

On day 6, I taught a 2 hour vinyasa class, and in my personal practice, walked 4 miles. On day 7 I did my 20 minutes of vinyasa with Kathryn Budig on Yogaglow, and taught a 90 minute vinyasa class. And yesterday, day 8, I took Bettina’s 90 minute vinyasa class, and taught 3 hours of yoga.

There have been a number of personal dramas that have informed my practice along the way, making me work harder at times, or deeper and at times. And sometimes the dramas have really gotten in the way of a more grounded practice. On a couple of days, the drama has nearly forced me to give up.

My partner’s decision to leave the island for a second weekend in a row for business and pleasure felt a little challenging. The timing of the second trip felt off for a number of reasons I won’t go into here.  Let’s just say that our relationship is still in it’s toddler stages, and I’m not always the best communicating my insecurities. In any event, my heart was feeling pretty raw and the house felt lonely – especially when it was time for Griffin to return to his father’s house, and Saturday and Sunday night I was completely on my own again. My meditation practice was on the scattered side, and my insomnia was in full effect.

Then, on Sunday night, the 16th, Nantucket suffered a great loss, the loss of my friend and surrogate mother – Linda McDonough, my son’s other primary caregiver, and I felt thrown into the arms of grief for the third significant time in just a few years.

Griffin had been in Linda’s care since he was but an infant of 7 months old. I don’t think that, as a newly single mother, I would have been able to support myself and my son by returning to work in a present and meaningful way, had Linda not been able to take Griffin into her care.  Many, many wonderful things have been said, and will be said about Linda. She was an amazing woman. I’m not going to attempt to eulogize her here, that time will come, and many people will do it better than I. Suffice to say that I have learned more about being a parent from her in the last 16 months than anyone else in my life. Her support, encouragement and wisdom has been that of a Satguru सदगुरू. Invaluable.  She has taken care of many, many of Nantucket’s children. Her spirit will live on in their laughter, and her love in their smiles. My thoughts, prayers and love go out to Linda’s family at this very challenging time.

For the moment I feel a bit devastated, and the last couple of days of asana practice and meditation have been full of grief, sadness, and tears. I couldn’t wait for Burr to get home Monday morning, and to get my hands on my son again last night. I have spent most of the day hugging and kissing my little guy and telling him how much I love him.

Obviously the lesson here, and in any one’s parting, it how important it is to be grateful and appreciative of the beautiful things we have in our lives, when we have them, for we never know when they will move on.

Lokha Samastha Sukino Bavantu. 

May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.



And last but not least:

BEGINNING THIS WEEK: Fall Prenatal Yoga, Section Two

I am super excited to offer a second section to the Pre-natal class series I taught last month. The course will run for 4 consecutive weeks beginning next week, the exact time and date are still a little up in the air. Classes will either be on Sundays from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. or Mondays from 4:15 – 5:15 p.m. depending on the number of students able to attend either slot. Please e-mail me for further details, questions or concerns.


The 60 day yoga challenge….

My Challenge. My self-study. My hope. My love.

Here’s the deal: I’m setting a challenge for myself, to see If I can practice every day for the next two months. I’m shooting for at least 20 minutes, which feels realistic what with the baby, working, teaching and running a home, but hopefully it’ll pan out to be more like 60 or 90 minutes a day, for 60 days straight. The point is to see what comes up; both emotionally, spiritually and physically. To be with myself, and cultivate a deeper sense of compassion and patience, ahimsa and non-judgment, maybe even some non-attachment. This isn’t for anyone else, though extending compassion to anyone and every one is great. But this is the about the harder work- cultivating the compassion I need for myself. It’s about carving out something special just for me. So that I can grow, be a better mother, a better daughter, a better friend, a better teacher, a better partner, a better lover, a better, fuller me. I started on Monday, October 10th, so today I’m at DAY FIVE.

I was thinking that I’d try to blog about each day of the challenge, and describe – mostly as a record for myself- what kind of practice I did (structured class, which teacher, self-practice, vinyasa flow, yin, meditation, etc.) I’ve got some catching up to do already….

On DAY ONE, Monday, we were still in NYC (having been at the OWS demonstration with Seane Corn) and Burr and I were fortunate enough take a 90 minute level 2-3 class with Purnima Langen, otherwise known as Maria. I had never been to the Jivamukti studio in NYC, and it was awesome.

(and the natarajasanas across america continue. nyc.)

On DAY TWO, Tuesday we returned from NYC in time for me to take a mixed level vinyasa class at The Yoga Room with my friend, colleague and teacher Bettina Broer. Bettina has been practicing yoga for 33 years and teaching since 1997 – she is a wealth of knowledge, and we are lucky to have her here on our tiny island.

On DAY THREE, Wednesday I signed up for a monthly membership to YogaGlow, an online yoga studio that lets you take virtual yoga class with a diverse array of well-known yoga teachers including Elena Brower, Kathryn Budig, Noah Maze, Stephanie Snyder, and so on. I started out with a 15 minute mediation “for parents” with Elena, and then went on to do her 20 minute “Twist out Doubt and Negativity” flow, and then – and mostly because Griffin was still asleep- I did a 30 minute “Complete Flow on the Go” practice with Stephanie Snyder. YogaGlow is my new favorite addiction…. can you say ‘savior for an isolated island girl’?

Yesterday, DAY FOUR, I continued on with a 90 minute Heart Chakra practice with Elena… and am at present, rolling thru Kathryn’s class options… Today will be DAY FIVE of continuous practice. I just put Griffin down for his nap- and onto the mat I go.

We could do it together….

Anyone want to join me? We can urge each other on! Seriously, I have rarely taken on much of anything for 60 days in a row, let alone a pycho-emotional, spiritual and physical practice, so the more encouragement you can give me the better! Want thoughts on how to work a challenge practice into your month, week, day? Send questions, comments and of course encouragements to caitlinmarcoux@comcast.net, I’ll be hoping to hear from some of you.

I’ve got 55 more days to go.



Justice. Unity. Love.

Tuesday. October 11, 2011

Nantucket, MA.

I’ve just returned this morning from a quick and spontaneous jaunt down to NYC to visit the OWS movement on Wall Street. As I sit here reflecting on the last 36 hours of my life including but not limited to the subjects of love, relationship, yoga, protest, unity and call to action, I’m listening to a beautiful song called “Angel Echoes” by  the British Electronica band Four Tet. It’s off their album There Is Love In You. The refrain is the same as the title of the album, and it’s a great mantra. As the pulsation of the song progresses the mantra is repeated over and over and over again. It’s exactly the mantra I need to hear right now, and one I think our country could stand to hear too.

This is the mantra that keeps coming up for me these days. It’s become relevant on a personal level as well on a big, vast political level. And it’s not too far off from the mantra of “100% LOVE” we used over and over again yesterday on Wall Street.

I went down to the OWS demonstration to join up with my better half, 200 plus demonstrators, yogi activist Seane Corn and her Off The Mat and Into the World girls for a little prayer, tree pose, marching, and rolling “OM”s. It was powerful to see the 200-some hard core protesters living out Day 24 of the Wall Street occupation in their make-shift Zuccotti Park home. As you know by now, the energy is rising. The movement is growing. The people will be heard.

Seane’s message took a slight detour from the more separatists’ 99% vs. 1% POV, but it was rooted in ahimsa and supportive none the less. You can take a listen here – (and you can find me in the crowd sweep wearing my favorite Purusha Fight Back With Love T-shirt).

I’m glad I went and joined my voice with all the others. It’s not the perfect protest. It’s not the most organized or well-structured, but it’s genuine and authentic, well-intentioned and generally positive. It’s inspiring. It will continue to attract attention from the political machine, and maybe even rock the boat for the 1%ers who have not struggled like the rest of us. In the end the OWS movement is a show of The People’s solidarity. It’s wonderfully American and it’s hopeful. Who can’t benefit from Love, Unity, Justice and Hope? There is a great love in us all. It’s time to share it.

We’re all in this together.

Come raise up the energy tonight at class (I’ll be leading Dynamic Flow at 5:30 p.m.)  send it out to the dedicated OWS activists, and rock out your vinyasa to Four Tet’s message of Love.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti,


BTW: You can follow the OWS here,  read more about it on Elephant Journal, read the article about Seane’s call to love here, and see more photographs from yesterday’s event here.

Fall Yoga practice on Nantucket

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

Nantucket, MA.


Gooooood Morning Tribe!

Many thanks to the lovely yoginis who came over last night to watch YogaWoman. What a great film. And what a nice way to watch a documentary about women in yoga, with the women I practice yoga with! Much love to Bettina, Jenn, Nell, Jurata, and Megan. You are all special ladies. And how fortunate we are to have one another for support.

As per usual, I am teaching this morning at The Yoga Room at 9 am, tomorrow night at 5:30 p.m. and Tuesday morning at 10, and Tuesday night at 5:30. Please join me for any or all of the above – bring your questions and requests.

In the meantime, here’s a little something Isabella filmed yesterday at the bluff… 🙂





The Art of A Good Boundary

Nantucket, MA.
Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Good Morning Nantucket Yogis! Happy August. I’ve got just short of an hour to sit down and gather my thoughts before a full day of massage clients and yoga privates gets under way…so the pressure to write is on. There are times when I sit down to blog when I struggle to think of something to share, and then there are times like this morning, when I feel like there is so much to say, I have a hard time deciding what’s worth putting down on paper.

But I think that in light of the issues going on in my personal life this week, it might be time to talk about boundaries.

Boundaries can be good, and boundaries can be bad. When we put up boundaries around our hearts they can keep us from being receptive to love, they can keep us in a state of fear and they can keep us from being fully present in our lives. At the same time, boundaries can keep us safe, protected and clear in our thought patters and the way we communicate with others. To have defined boundaries for ourselves about the things we are comfortable doing and not doing is really important. It helps to define the ways in which we are capable of participating with others, and how to meet our own expectations. In our yoga practice, boundaries help us find and work with our edges. When we respect the boundaries of our physical practice we don’t get hurt. When we push past our physical boundaries injuries happen.

Last week I was recently reminded of how important it is to have not only physical boundaries, but also emotional boundaries. It was ironic that last Monday at the start of a vinyasa class I pushed myself up into one too many handstands and without being warm fell into a too-full expression of wheel pose. I hurt my already tender left shoulder, and wound up leaving class early in much pain. The following day I suffered a huge blow to the heart when I realized I had been forcing myself to accept a situation I knew in my gut was “off” to feel okay. By the end of the week, my stubborn nature to push had resulted in a both physical and emotional pain.

This is such a great lesson.

Having spent some time now looking at the outcome of my willfulness, (the heartache and the rotator cuff impingement) I’ve been thinking a lot about reasons to have boundaries, and how to practice being mindful of them. Obviously this is easier said than done for someone like myself.

We talk a lot in yoga about practicing compassion, but so often this conversation is about extending compassion to others. I think we need, certainly I need, to spend more time extending compassion to ourselves. Having compassion for a physical limitation, like a should injury, means knowing that urdhva danurasana should probably be avoided for a little while, and that backing away from extreme arm balances is probably a good idea. Have self-respect around an emotionally challenging situation, and knowing when it’s okay to say ‘no’ is just as important. Some times situations feel off” because they are. And often our instincts are spot-on. Forcing something to feel good when it is not actually causes a breach in the trust we have for ourselves. This is not the practice of compassion. As is the physical example, boundaries exist to protect us, and should be used as tools to keep us safe.

Ultimately, we all know that holding one more full handstand is not going to get us any more closer to enlightenment. And having enough self-respect to know when a situation feels bad, and to remove yourself, is going to do a lot more for the compassionate heart you want to cultivate. It is so true that we must love ourselves, before we can truly love another.

In the next few weeks, I am going to commit to hornoring my boundaries – both physical and emotional. For me, this is going to be challenging. I like a big asana practice, and I like making things feel okay. I like chasing difficult poses, and I like forcing myself to rise above any insecurities I might be experiencing. But each time I sit down to ice my shoulder, or skip a transition from bakasana into tripod headstand, I know I’m making the right choice- at least for now. In choosing to practice good and clear boundaries around issues of the heart, I am reminded the most important relationship I have is with myself.

So please, join me in honoring yourselves. If you come up against the need or want to push, first ask yourself why, and then consider the outcome. Practice patience. Be gentle. And respect your boundaries.

Om shanti,


And now an announcement:

Poses for Paws: A Pop Yoga Charity Event is this Friday, August 5th, 2011

5:30-7:00 p.m. @ The Yoga Room

Sister yoga instructors, Caitlin & Ariel Marcoux are thrill to be able to donate their time to co-teach this charity vinyasa class. Please join us in supporting superstar yogini Kathryn Budig’s Animal Shelter effort. All proceeds will benefit Kathryn’s Poses for Paws Foundation, whos mission is to raise money thru yoga to donate to shelters who thrive to provide a loving life to those less fortunate.www.kathrynbudig.com Your suggested donation of any amount will be very appreciated.
Need more information? Call Caitlin @ 508-332-2546

The practice of gratitude.

Nantucket, MA.

Saturday night. July 16th, 2011

As I sit down to write, the orange glow of a divine sunset is filtering in through my living room windows, my baby is sleeping soundly upstairs, and my heart is effulgent and full of love. The love shifts back and forth between a reverberating sense of gratitude and a feeling of divine connection.

I am so very, very lucky these days; my life is brimming with things to be grateful for. I live on a stunningly beautiful island. I support myself and my son doing the things I am most passionate about (yoga and bodywork). I have a healthy and happy 19 month-old boy who fills my days with laughter and play, and I have an amazing partner who has opened up his home to us; giving me a treatment room in which to do my work, and my son a nursery in which to feel nurtured, protected and loved. AND as if that weren’t enough to feel blessed by already, I get to spent my extracurricular study time learning more about the practice with people like Andrei Ram.

Today completes day two of Andrei’s Self-Realization Immersion at The Yoga Room, with one day (tomorrow) left to go. This is the fourth time I have had the privilege of studying with Andrei… and each time I feel his message on a deeper, more cellular level. We are so lucky to have the chance to be a part of Andrei’s sangha, for truly being near him pulls one closer to the source… the prana that fills us all.

Please, if you’re still on the fence with your Sunday afternoon plans and haven’t had a chance to attend this workshop before, consider joining us tomorrow at the Annex. There are still spaces left for Andrei’s last session on Nantucket (at least last session this time around). Tomorrow’s practice will be accessible to all levels, and open to the general public. You do not need to have attended Friday’s or Saturday’s classes.

And so it is that I sit here, having absorbed the practice of the last two days, reflecting on all the riches in my life, and feel deeply deeply thankful. My partner is away, having a boys weekend full of waterskiing and wake boarding, and I have had a chance to miss him. My son spent part of the afternoon with my dear friends at the beach, and I have had a chance to miss him as well. But what I will not miss is this chance, another chance, the chance we are given every single day to be grateful, to be mindful, and to be love itself.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti.


Summer Yoga on Nantucket


June 20th, 2011

Good Morning Yogis!

Happy Official start of Summer Yoga on Nantucket! In case you haven’t heard, today is the beginning of the new schedule at The Yoga Room and our TYR Annex space. Classes will now be held at both our Studio location (49 Fairgrounds Road) and our Annex (9 Amelia Drive- between what was  Cinco Restaurant and Windmill Family Dental). We have many new offerings including my new Monday night class Core Fusion– 45 minutes of inner and outer core strengthening! Please be sure to check out TYR’s new schedule here, and note that ALL of my classes will now be held at TYR Annex, which offers more space to flow, and more wall space to play against.

I’ve tried to design classes this summer which will all complement each other- focusing on different aspects of the practice. If you haven’t already, please check out the descriptions of Slow Flow, Core Fusion, Dynamic Flow and The Sunday Sadhana. Each class can certainly stand alone, but all 4 are meant to work together, bringing about balance and strength, focus and playfulness.

Things are getting busy, but I am still available for private yoga instruction & massage!

See you on the mat!