I am blessed enough to have some of the most dedicated and focused students anyone could hope for. Many of these yogis have been with me since the beginning of my journey from student to teacher. These are their unedited words:

You walk into the studio… the music is already moving you… inside you feel a yearning for what’s about to take hold of you… and then the practice begins… you are taken to another place… a place here and now… a place for you… for you to look inward… to feel safe… to feel a love …to feel a compassion for yourself, your practice and for others…. All the while living each moment, each breath, each note….  Finding strength in yourself you never knew existed and finding a love for your practice so intense you cry at times…  this is what caitlin’s classes offer me, each and every one!  They have brought me to a place in my practice I never fathomed could exist.   Yoga is my therapy, my medicine, my church, my love and my safe haven.

~Julie Hilberg-Hunt, Gardener, Florabundant



Caitlin wants you to believe in yoga and yourself – and you do.I find myself doing things in her class that I might have at one time thought, if not impossible, then highly unlikely. Caitlin is a gifted instructor with boundless energy and passion.  She pairs her classes with music which incites deeper inspiration and encourages a greater personal journey. Caitlin can have a profound impact on a yoga practice and I am grateful for her presence in my life and the lives of my daughters.

~Leslie Bresette, Mother of a Strong Girl



Caitlin Marcoux is a fabulous yoga instructor.  In fact, it was her energy, passion and attitude that really helped me find my own love of yoga.  Her style of teaching is informative, approachable and she knows how to challenge and inspire you. Having her as a teacher inspired me to become a teacher myself.  Her classes are fun, and invigorating and her love of great music woven into each make them ever changing and vibrant.  To say that I’m grateful to have her as a teacher would be an understatement.  She has a true passion for what she does and it shows in every single one of her classes.

~Trish Gallen, CPT, RYT, Method 360



Caitlin’s passion for the practice of yoga is almost palpable. There is a powerful energy that is generated in her classes as each student is encouraged to push her personal boundaries. Amazingly, with Caitlin’s clear instruction through every pose and transition and her faith in us, the impossible becomes possible! As an elementary teacher, I am particularly grateful for her thoughtful and well-planned flows, where all I must do is listen (to both her and her fabulous music) and trust – the rest will follow.

~Kate Pelletier, Teacher, The Nantucket Lighthouse School



Caitlin is one exceptional yoga teacher. I have been studying yoga for almost 20 years and have never met a more inspiring, capable, and diverse teacher. Her classes can be exceptionally challenging while encouraging,relaxing, blissful, and educational. I never find myself watching the clock, but often wiping my brow. Her vocal cuing is effortless and so incredibly clear. She is able to talk you through a pose if you have never done it before as easily as offering a variation if your practice is more advanced or your body just doesn’t agree with the pose offered. Her vinyasa classes are a favorite of mine. I feel like I am the most graceful yogini as I move from one incredible pose to another. In this class I envision myself a dancer, a warrior, a surfer, a mystic, and my mundane divine self all in the course of an hour and a half!

As her teaching expands I am grateful to be able to refer the pregnant mothers I work with to her prenatal yoga class. Caitlin is a woman who has experienced a natural birth with incredible physical and emotional strength and flexibility.  I hear feedback from mothers I work with who have taken classes that they feel better physically and empowered by the language and postures offered in prenatal yoga class. The breathing techniques echo what is taught in many childbirth classes and is a skill for life. As a doula, I can see the difference in woman who are able to stay active during pregnancy in the way they approach labor, the endurance and physical strength they have for labor,  the tools women use in labor, the length of their recovery process, and strength they carry into motherhood.

As a mother myself, my daughter has been fortunate to study with Caitlin. Some of the greatest moments of my  years with my tween daughter were spent side by side in Caitlin’s yoga classes. Now as my daughter continues to grow, The Strong Girls class for teens has allowed my daughter to share her love of yoga with her peers. The messages of strength and compassion that Caitlin weaves into this fun and often high paced class is priceless. The more places teens can hear of their unique abilities, the better! I am now looking forward to sharing yoga with my 8 year old son who will be taking classes this spring alongside Caitlin. I can not express enough my gratitude to Caitlin for continuing to offer incredible classes to a wide range of ages and abilities. Our community would be greatly lacking without her skills.

~Sunny Daily, Doula, Growing Families